Lok Satta
What is the position of Lok Satta on Telangana?
Population wise, the average district in our country is bigger than most countries in the world. So when the people of a few districts feel they want a separate political identity to fully focus their concentration and resources on their own problems, there is a prescribed constitutional and legal procedure.

But the real issue now is how to make the lives of the masses better? How to make them partners in creation of wealth irrespective of their birth. How to make politics useful to the public? How to create opportunities for every generation to fully grow to their potential and successfully work out their aspirations? How to bring quality education and health within the reach of everyone? To achieve these, we need decentralization and devolution of power. Governance should be within the reach of the people and should start at their doorstep to address their issues. We need governance at different levels like the district and city, starting right from the village and mandal level. Just a change of the capital city, the name of the state, or the chief minister would not affect the real issues. If people want a separate state, we can achieve it. But even if we don't get it, we have to find ways of making the lives of the masses better.