Monday, 20 May 2013 07:37


NEW DELHI (17/05/13)


News reports about falling walls, houses in East Delhi’s Laxmi nagar, Geeta Colony is depressing and shows the scant respect the government has for implementing rules and regulations.

Urban Development Ministry has always been held by important members of the Congress party viz. Mr. Rajkumar Chauhan, Dr. A.K. Walia and now by Mr. Arvinder Singh Lovely and it is a pity that no care has been taken to prevent such mishaps where lives of ordinary and poor citizens are sacrificed at the alter of corruption and greed. There is close proximity between politicians and builders result of which owners get away scot free and in lot of instances owners get protection from politicians otherwise under the very nose of stalwarts rules being flouted is unheard of commented Mr. Anurag Kejriwal, State President Lok Satta Party.

A visit to the various areas of Laxmi Nagar, Geeta Colony is clear the gross violations in civil construction and fire safety measures. In the markets which is like a tinder box waiting to be engulfed politicians have shown scant regard for compliance. Interestingly enough Laxmi nagar is the constituency of Dr. A.K. Walia and Geeta Colony the constituency of Dr. Harsh Vardhan of BJP and still lapses are many. Builders/owners have been flouting norms and construction is booming especially commercial which is a big risk to society at large. Visit to the markets along the main Vikas Marg is witness to the burgeoning real estate and gross violations of rules and safety measures. Politicians have to really be blind not to witness such gross violations and keep their eyes closed.

Walk in Preet Vihar & Swasthya/Chitra Vihar area and you will see bad and pot holed roads which have been left untouched since last 15months and in some cases roads have caved in and have been repaired many times over with yet no result - prime example is the road from Durga Mandir to Nirulas market in Preet Vihar. Road near the Fire Station near Scope complex has been bad and riddled with pot holes for last 2-3years with no repair in sight but local corporator's lane in Preet Vihar gets recarpeted even when the condition of he road was excellent.

Is it not time that the following is implemented:

-    All commercial buildings be checked for fire safety and construction and sealed if violations are found rather than keep loosing precious lives
-    Contractors, builders and owners be prosecuted heavily alongwith the local politicians (MLA and councillor) as a deterrent for future
-    Residential apartments/buildings should be checked thoroughly for defects and if any found buildings should be sealed immediately and residents asked to vacate giving 3months notice.
-    All future construction in these localities should be banned
-    Proper passage for fire utilities should be available as most markets in case of fire will be left to fend for themselves as there is no space for any fire tender to move inside.
-    Road contractors alongwith the MLA and corporator of the area should be severely reprimanded for spending public money with no result
-    All sanctions from MPLAD funds should be strongly verified and audited by CAG or similar authority so that true picture emerges.