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Date: 18th December 2012

Shri Sushil Kumar Sambhaji Rao Shinde
Honourable Home Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi


Respected Shri Shindeji

Delhi the capital of our country is slowly rising to becoming the RAPE & MURDER CAPITAL OF INDIA.

This is a disturbing trend more so when New Delhi being the capital of India and under the very nose of powerful people like you sitting in Delhi such things happen frequently with no result. You are aware that in the last few months incidence of rape, murder and dacoities in capital region have shown an alarming increase and police have not been able to apprehend anyone. Newspapers and media is full of news relating to such matters and still the authorities are helpless.

Is it that the police are inefficient or do such incidents have political patronage – either ways it has to be crushed. On top of that we hear statements from police and politicians that the victimised girl was going to see a cinema “LIFE OF PI” for the 6.30Pm show and time was not correct. Can you explain if family folks or individuals should not venture out after 6PM for anything. Is this the security of Delhi and did Congress Government promise that in their election manifesto that “CONGRESS DOES NOT GURANTEE THE SAFETY OF CITIZENS AFTER 6PM”.

You will understand and appreciate that we are all family men and such daring action of individuals within the NCR show the laxity of government machinery and the punity with which these individuals carry out their actions.

We hope that an able and efficient politician with vast experience in political life and handled all crucial portfolios will take strong action and build in strong deterrents for such activity rather than stating that women should be indoors.

We at Lok Satta Party strongly feel that Police should be handed over to Delhi State Government and they should be responsible for the safety and security of their citizens as for Home Ministry we feel Delhi is low on priority list.

We would like to meet your goodself at your convenience and share our views and also hear your views on how we can make Delhi a better city.

Best regards

Anurag Kejriwal
State President & Member – National Steering Committee




Date: 19thDecember 2012

Shri Sushil Kumar Sambhaji Rao Shinde

Honourable Home Minister,

Government of India,

New Delhi




Respected Shri Shindeji


Please find below the email send to CP, Delhi Police and also sentiments expressed by respected citizens and RWA representatives of Delhi.


Dear Shri Neeraj Kumarji


Please find below the email from our colleague and member Shri Anil Sood.


Dont you think that it is high time that Delhi Police gets into the act and sheds some of the lethargy to restore the pride of Police Department and city of Delhi.


Sorry to state that past Commissioners have towed their political masters and today we are seeing the capital city of the country fast becoming the rape& murder capital of India. The criminals have least respect for the law and authority as some of your predecessors may have shielded the law breakers due to which they operate openly & fearlessly.




I had filed RTI seeking information on removal of Tinted film from Busses and other vehicles operating within IGI -T-1 & T-3 around IGI and action taken by Traffic Police in compliance with Supreme Court directives as the tint was removed fro Cars and SUV's in and around Delhi. I was informed that the tinted film in busses is permitted because the glass panes are sliding, whereas no such exemption was granted by the Apex Court.

Barring a few Busses manyfactured by Volvo or Merecedes non of the other busses whether with sliding glasses or fixed glasses does not have tinted glasses. Most of the Busses and vehicle operating within IGI have tinted films on all the glasses.

It is matter of record that some of the cases of accidental deaths within airport have remained unresolved as vehicles could not be idnetified for simple reason that at night time due to dark film pasted on the glasses make the busses/Vehicles non transparent and the culprit cannot be seen or identified.

The Sunday Rape incident with in moving bus having curtains etc necessistates removal of curtains, tints from all the busses plying within Delhi and entering Delhi at the earliest in compliance with Apex Court directive.


Anil Sood
Hony President - CHETNA
Member State Advisory Committee (DERC)
A 417-418, Somdutt Chamber -1
5 Bhikajicama Place,
New Delhi.
Cell. 9810558696

Web site:<>





This shameful incident should be a wake up call for all law abiding citizens. There is a lot that ails our Police and Polity ....... why else do you think that the following happens .......

1. Auto Rickshaws do not form any Vote Bank as they are too few in numbers ...... yet the politicians keep quiet to their fleecing and misbehaviour ...... the police does not take any action........ is it beyond them or is it that they do not wish to take any meaningful steps as it will block illegal payments (Hafta). The rot does not stop at the home guard stage or SHO ...... the illegal collections must be going all the way to the TOP ...... why else no action despite public outcry ........ if the Autos had not refused to go this incident would not have happened.

2. Every illegally moving vehicle allowed sends a message of invincibility/protection to hoodlums and to the entire police force on the roads, not to check at any barricade as the free passage Hafta has already been made. How else do you think these White Line buses and Call Centre Cabs pick up passengers. If Mr. Neeraj Kumar does not know that then I seriously doubt his and his ilks intelligence and integrity. Many incidents of theft and molestation go unreported (actually unbooked) as the, unwritten rule is "Do not bite the Hand that Feeds". Even in this case these people had robbed a passanger but he did not initially report to the police.

3. We all see in our areas the Yellow Patrol Bikes chasing trucks carrying Building Materials ...... but does that stop the trucks from moving around ...... NO ...... all the Patrol Bikes and Khakhi Clad Cops are only Collection Agents ....... if they had been out to stop these Trucks from moving around Delhi during no entry hours then no trucks would be seen ....... These Truck Drivers have become so fearless and the system is so will oiled that, they even opt for a Monthly fee, with different Stickers issued ....... can you believe it that Mr. Neeraj Kumar is unaware or for that matter the Politicians and even the Media is unaware ....... Citizens no need Protesting ....... if the problem was unknown the solution can be found ...... but how do you find a solution to a problem that is Raking in Crorers of ill gotten wealth, while citizens die on roads every day and night.

4. Every Delhite burns expensive fuel at numerous barricades ....... with home guards checking papers of Motor Cycles...... where as such vehicles are neither stopped or checked ....... the tempo used in Dhaula Kuan Rape and this Bus ....... in both the cases the culprits were sure that they can drive around the city, with no checks...... imagine they caught this bus with the help of CCTV footage from a Toll Booth ......... ?????? Have you ever heard of any Stolen Vehicle or a Robbery Heist being intercepted at these barricades ....... dont you think Delhi Police will not go in PR overdrive if they catch any one. We only hear of some encounters and some gangster shot every few years ....... with so many crooks walking the streets, the number should be much higher ...... these barricades are a false security blanket to show to the world at large that the Police is with you for you blah blah ........ in fact these are also collection points for haftas and to extract extra pocket money from Motor cycles.

5. Now these PCR vans ........ again they are busy ferrying breakfast, lunch, dinner etc for the bosses...... as also for collection of protection money from various illegal massage parlours, offices in residential areas, shops in non conforming zones, street hawkers and illegally run Taxis with private Numbers ...... SURPRISE ....... we know it .... but the Powers that be do not have a clue ........ with so much to loose in this parallel economy ....... DO WE STAND A CHANCE.


DELHITES STOP LIVING IN A FOOLS PARADISE ...... the CROCODILE TEARS THAT YOU SAW IN LOK SABHA AND RAJYA SABHA ....... were to cool the tempers down ......... a few days later all will be forgotten ........ HAVE WE NOT FORGOTTEN THE DHAULA KUAN RAPE .........


The Volley Ball that you see Shiela and Shinde play is all a ploy to divert attention ....... we all know that they both come from the same political party (13 years and 9 years respectively) ........ YET DELHI DOES NOT GET SECURE STREETS ........because they are partners in this MULTI CRORE parallel economy ........ and who BITES THE HAND THAT FEEDS.


Enough is Enough ......... "Enough of Human Rights ........ its time for CITIZENS RIGHTS ........ RAPISTS be CASTRATED and BRANDED....... and Police being made Accountable ........ Enough of make believe activity of Police ...... Spend on CCTVs and not on Fancy PCRS/Bikes. Let every VIP be STRIPPED OFF special facilities ......... like .......


1. Pickup and Drop from Airports, Stations .... Let them move in Public Transport to feel what the Public Faces ......


2. Withdraw Security .... no one is so precious that they need to be protected at the expense of our Women and Citizens. The list is long .........



Lok Satta Party is fully supportive of all strong action that Delhi Police may take and enact to ensure such acts are not repeated and also set a strong deterrent for the future offenders.


We hope that Government will initiate steps to check the menace and pull up its socks.


Best Regards





Anurag Kejriwal

State President & Member – National Steering Committee