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Lok Satta Party Delhi unit oprganised a Roti, Bijli paani Andolan on 21st October at Jantar Mantar to highlight the growing apathy of the Central & State Government towards the issues.

Rising prices of commodities is hurting the stomach of common man(aam aadmi) very badly and is due to complete apathy on behalf of the ruling party. We shall take issues one by one:


Price rise is hitting the aam aadmi to the extent that he is not able to get decent meal. The most common conversation in all households is corruption and price rise which has taken the wind of all households. Time is not far away when a cup of Dal served with roti would concisit of no DAL but just hot water with Haldi and spices to give the flavour. As per recent survey 68% of the milk in India is found to be contaminated or adulterated as per Food Safety & Standards Authority which is highly deplorable and condemnable in the strongest words. Like Polio our children will also have to suffice with DO BOOND of milk in their glass of water with the rising prices commented Shri Anurag Kejriwal, Delhi State President, Lok Satta Party.

Is there any solution to this price increase? YES – release food grains that are lying in the open in warehouses due to shortage of storage space which will bring down the prices in the market. Crack down on hoarders and black marketers giving them stringent punishment which will act as deterrent to others. People caught selling adulterated food opr product should be given punishment in line with capital punishment as they are destroying our future generations for their greed. But has the government done anything???Do not they know all this happening????

Congress & BJP both choose to remain silent as traders are their vote banks and money bank so let aam aadmi suffer.


-    Delhi government should ensure extra release of grains, wheat in the open market to bring prices down
-    Due to bumper crops there is shortage of space at the godowns leading to grains getting spoiled – rather than letting it waste we should sell it in open market
-    Government should come down heavily on hoarders and black marketers
-    PDS has to be streamlined to give poor people proper food articles
-    Explore SAFAL route to increase penetration
-    DSIIDC etc. to get involved in selling food products
-    Shops and individuals selling adulterated food should be given harshest punishment acting as a strong deterrent for others


Private discoms are pushing the government for increase in power prices – why??? Look at the information below and you will come to the conclusion that even by supplying electricity at Rs.4/unit the discoms will earn 33% profit margin:

Peak Hour     3800-4200MW
Average    3100-3200MW
Shortage    800-1200MW

Power plants for Delhi:
NTPC Badarpur – 705MW
NTPC DAdri – 817MW
Reliance Dadri – 3000MW
IP Gas turbine – 270MW
Pragati 1 – 330MW
Pragati II – 1500MW
Pragati III – 750MW
Indira Gandhi STPP, Jhajjhar, Haryana – 750MW out of capapcity of 1500

Total earmarked capacity for Delhi is  5122MW and Reliance Dadri still unoperational.

Power from exchanges is available at Rs.3-5/unit and mostly at Rs.4/unit all inclusive  - so there is no need to buy power at Rs.6/unit – this was done basically to provide proof of higher cost and insist for revised tariff

There is no reason for shortage and tariff increase.

If the private discoms are suffering huge losses as reported by them to government of Rs.1800 crores whereas they have declared profits of Rs.2000crores to the ROC & Income tax should we not think in terms of renationalising them?

Again collusion between government & Private business houses and only requires proper management.


Per Capita Requirement is 51 Litres Per Person day
Delhi is supposed to meet its requirement from adjoining states

Major reason for water shortage is:
-      Most of the Water treatment plants in Delhi are non-functional
-      Yamuna is a hot bed of sewage and muck whereas should have been a source of water
-      Wrong policies imposed by Delhi Jal Board like Unequal distribution of water supply
-    All canals viz near Patpargunj etc are sewage outlets hence water cannot be stored
-    Low ground level water. No waste water management plan and plant are in place
-    Sewage plant does not function practically though on paper it is functional
-    No Rain water harvesting is not done
-    Wastage of water at DJB centres leading to private tankers having a field day
-    All natural water bodies (ponds) are not in existence
-    No Master plan has been adopted yet for effective water supply
-    Private bodies interest are in priority, commercialization of water

-    Water bodies to be revived
-    Sewage flow from colonies to be diverted from the water bodies, canals and Yamuna to the sewage treatment plant which should function round the clock
-    Rain water harvesting should be made compulsory for all construction
-    Stop wastage of water and regulate Delhi Jal Board to make it efficient
-    No Commercialization of water

LokSatta also wants that control of Delhi Water supply should be given back to all Municipal Corporations of Delhi, elected bodies of state.

The water situation is being degraded and people put to trouble so that selling them or privatisation becomes easier for the ruling party.

In all the three instances above there is a sheer complicity between corporate and government and both BJP & Congress are hand in glove to reduce the aam aadmi to its present state.

Mr. Anurag Kejriwal – State President informed that Delhi needs an alternative and for this Lok Satta Party alongwith Youth 4 Democracy is joining together to from Save Democracy Front(SDF) and contest the assembly elections as a joint front.

Thank you

For Lok Satta Party