Monday, 01 October 2012 13:17




Shri K.N. Govindachrya – Chairman Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan & Save Democracy Front organised a rally from Raj Ghat to Jantar Mantar followed by speeches at Jantar Mantar for GRAM SWARAJYA – 7% OF BUDGET SHOULD BE DIRECTLY GIVEN TO GRAM SABHAS WITH NO STRINGS ATTATCHED.


Lok Satta Party fully supports the cause as we believe that India lives in villages and for India to be strong our villages have to be strengthened. We have to ensure that Bharat meets India and for that we have to have strong villages. This is true empowerment where the villages have the power to decide funds allocation and expenditure to meet their requirements and who better to know than the villagers themselves. Imagine a IAS from USA deciding what is good for villages when he has not even visited villages. Central govenrment gives sanction for villages/gram sabhas for schemes which are not required leading to increasing dissatisfaction in villages and the consequences are Maoism and deaths.


LSP strongly advocates that funds from budget should be allotted directly to villages and they should be at liberty to spend at their discretion. This will empower villages/villagers – gram sabhas/panchayats and throw up strong leaders of tomorrow like Ms. Chhavi Rajawat from Soda Gram in rajasthan who is the first MBA Sarpanch of that village.


LSP was represented by their entire Delhi team consisting of Mr. Praneet Sushil – general Secretary, Mr. B.B. Tewari – Coordinator, Mr. Ashish Roy – General Secretary – east district, Dr. Anuj Dubey – General Secretary – South District, Mr. P.P. Shrivastava – General Secretary – West District, Shri Jaiparkash Chaudhry – Trilokpuri Ward I/C and about 50 members.


When this happens India would have gained true independence and will become a true super power.