Wednesday, 26 September 2012 08:18



Lok Satta Party has written to Shri Rakesh Mehta, State Election commissioner drawing his attention to the various violations during the MCD 2012 elections in Delhi and suggest solutions to remove anomalies for future elections so that a balanced and level playing field is available to both big and small political parties.

Lok Satta Party contested 4 seats during the MCD 2012 elections from East Delhi & South Delhi and faced the similar situation in all the wards and we are sure other candidates would also have faced similar problems.

We list out issues which require urgent attention of the State Election Commissioner and solution for future MCD polls to remove any ambiguity in rules:


a) Signboards put up at locations where development work for road and footpath, Hoardings for greetings for New Year, Holi etc.

b) Stickers affixed on house walls, electric poles, MCD Boards and other specified areas - defacing of public property

c) Dhol, nagada used during the campaign

d) Benches in park and societies mentioning names of political parties and candidates

e) Huge size signboards/hoardings on main Vikas Marg within the ward limits depicting a particular candidate

f) Guidelines given by Police Department are at variance with State Election Commissioner

g) Police is often soft towards the candidates of national/large parties who get away with violations

h) Police is reluctant to file FIR's against the larger parties


We offer our suggestions as under:


a) A multi body team be created for the MCD Polls to take care of the violations

b) Police Department should be more vigilant for such violations

c) Often we see variations in the rules and regulations being provided by SEC and Police Department - such should be removed and a single set of guidelines issued which should be transparent and leave no scope for interpretation by anyone.

d) During MCD Elections there should be switching/swapping of police personnel so as not to benefit anyone.

e) If any department/person is not carrying out his duties he should be strongly reprimanded or a strong deterrent be put in place so that regulations can be complied with by the various statutory bodies.

f) State Election Commissioner like the Central Election Commissioner should come out with guidelines stopping any development work, sanctinioning of new projects etc. atleast 6months prior to MCD elections which would give a level playing field to all contestants as it has been seen that corporators use or try to exhaust their maximum funds only near to the elections giving them an undue edge over others.


Lok Satta Party is in favour of clean and healthy political environment for all parties and has been in the forefront of all electoral reforms.