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Rohith This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ron Paul


I know many of us are disappointed and disheartened at our election performance. The reason why we still have hope is the same reason why Ron paul (a 76 year old republican nominee for President) has. If you are consistent and appeal to the logic/reason, people will eventually support. Ron Paul hasn't changed his stance on any of the political issue for that past 30 years. It is that consistency that made him the star of this election season. People realize.

Yes there are some differences in what should be the stance of LSP on some issues and we, being humans, will make some mistakes in some matters. We can fix those mistakes by debating.

Consistency matters.


Lakshman This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mr. Sreenivas Reddy case

After listening to the news that Mr. Sreenivas Reddy's mid night transfer it was very hard to digest for me and thought of support for him in a way that he will be back to his same post. And its a welcome decision by Loksatta party that it will file a case and support the officer who is doing his job which is useful for the public.Our decision and the result which we work for will help morally and mentally many other sincere officers and to the public who get better facilities what government should provide. And also by seizing the properties and arresting the corrcked politicians. Apart from filing a case through justice i am thinking of some support through facebook or some other media to work on it in a way how N.D.Tiwari was caught red handed.I am not residing in india and would like to know how my contribution for it. If we keep on ignoring these definetly as i told earlier it will not be a safe place to live not only in AP even in India. One more main point is like many of us i am also one maong them got a chance to work with many state people or different countries people. I came to know even in the engineering sector (in mycase surrounding) many of them from other states are not aware of Loksatta and Mr.JP. I used to play their videos for them especially the one with the then speaker somnath chatterji, many of them were inspired. So to make people awre i started keeping Loksatta web link at the bottom of my personal eamil or keep posting Mr.JP and other personnel posts in facebook. I request Loksatta  concerned team to look into my point or still any other better suggestion to know about out party.

Finally we have to show people that Mr.Sreenivas reddy is back to his chair before the submiision date of 15April. If we think we can do definetly we can make it unless we give it away.

Lakshman This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
నాయకులు - సేవకులు
నాయకుడు / నాయకులు అనే వాళ్ళు  పార్టీకి, పార్టీ వాళ్లకి కాని, ప్రజలకు మాత్రం కాదు, వాళ్ళు ప్రజలకి సేవకులు మాత్రమే. అది సేవకుడు ప్రజలు మరవకూడదు.

Lok Satta Kukatpally Homepage
The story of fifty software engineers in Kukatpally
After JP got elected from Kukatpally in 2009, he initiated an effort to improve education in his constituency.
Nearly fifty people, most of them software engineers, came together. Their first task was to take care of infrastructure as they realized that action speaks louder than words. The team surveyed every ZP and Government school of Kukatpally. When the survey was complete, they created a comprehensive report and presented it to the authorities. The report was found to be superior to the annual government report (as the government itself admitted and used it!). Funds were now found from sources within government; using these, classrooms and toilets were constructed to the maximum extent possible.
With this task complete, the team gained the trust of the teachers who now call the members for any help they need. The focus is now on increasing the skill level of the teachers, filling vacancies, providing help with fees to needy students, and talking to dropouts and making them re-enroll. In the next 2 years, the plan will be complete and the schools will be functioning at near perfection. Now remember, these are government schools which are for children coming from families with marginal incomes and for those who cannot afford NRI schools.
All this work was done without one rupee of corruption or any kind of self-interest. This is what Lok Satta will do if given a chance. We invite you to explore the website to hear and read similar stories.
http://www.kukatpallynow.com - Empowering people!
Lakshman This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Main issues Sidelined by Politicians and most people fall in the trap

This is one of the best example how Telangana issue is being used by the politicians since 1969.


Only difference is in this movie it was showed by mentioning Caste & Religion. Since Chenna Reddy, Congress  from 1999 & KCR are very shameless  self beneficiaries they are using the Region for the Power. One thing i would like to Highlight is inorder to send out USSR Defence from Afghanistan, Amercians encouraged a group (Al qaeda),  in later stages Americans got Effected by what they sow the seed. In the same way Telangana was sowed by Congress / Congress Leaders & KCR. One day definitely it will circle them and they have to suffer.

Lakshman This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Power Politics
What Mr. Aravind Krejiwal said is true. May not all politicians but majority are like that
Lakshman This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mis use of power
Very soon we will see Mr. V.K Singh will be removed from the current post before he retire offically in 2 months. Congress can do what they want like voting on Nuclear issue in parliament and won. If they don't want like the Telangana issue.
Twitter - @loksatta_party
What I was trying to say was, except tweets like "had good time at assembly", everything is already posted on @loksatta_party.
Why is Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan Not Using Twitter Effectively? - Response
Twitter is not for giving detailed analysis as you rightly pointed out. it is just for small tweets for your followers. Many thinks could be passed on to the followers in small tweets, well may be you have to practice saying more in few words. you give update like ...say Tv interview at 9:00 at some channel...so that his followers can watch the episode and also give back the feedback or going to some public function so that followers will know. Or something like had a good time in Assembly. Or you share some good links to his followers, which maybe from loksatta website. Or you can share a photo taken at a function etc. There are many ways you can use twitter to your advantage and it literally helps following JP on the move of all his activities as and when they happen. Anyways its up to you if you want to use it or not but definitely you are losing to take advantage of internet social media. That's all I can say
We Need Loksatta
Please dont get disheartened by the no of votes Loksatta got. The future is for only good politics. You have no idea of how many people you have inspired. We are with you.
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