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మద్యపాన నిషేధం లేదు కాని ప్రబుత్వం అమ్మాలి అంట ..ఏమిటి ఈ దారుణం
మద్యాన్ని నియంత్రణ లోకి తేవలచిన రాజికియ పార్టీ లో అటువంటి పని చెయ్యక పోక మద్యాన్ని ప్రబుత్వమే  నడిపించాలి అంట దిని ధర్నాలు చేసి అనవసరం గా డబ్బు వృదా చేసే బదులు రాజికియ పార్టీలు ఆ డబ్బు తో కుడు లేని వాళ్ళకి , అనాధ పిల్లలకు ఏమైనా సహాయానికి ఉపయోగిస్తే సరిపొయ్యేది........ఈ ధర్నా లో లోక సత్తా కూడా ఉండటం సిగ్గు చేటు అనుకుంటున్నా...........................రాం కిరణ్ నాయుడు
Rama Mohana Rao Anne
@Indian politics

Loksatta party cadre and leaders

namskaram ,I just wanted to express my opinion and request you also to introspect the following let us not even goback to Gandhiji ,Panditji times

Let us just take last 5 years ,both AP and India

BJP Politics


While BJPs spokesperson points out valid piints as opposition but the rank ,file of the party is otherwise

BJPs fans point out Psuedo Securalism and Minorty appeasement ,already UPA govt has come out saying Haj subsidies will be phased out in next 10 years

Two important developments

i) In a bid to win over the Yadav voters in Madhya Pradesh, BJP asks its ... in Madhya Pradesh asked one of its senior ministers, Babulal Gaur to  Yadav so that some 5 percent plus Yadav votes can be targeted in the upcoming elections

ii)Similarly it brought back Temple issue and Smt Uma Bharathi in UP elections ,asking UP electorate to vote for the party ,it also toyed with Khushwaha whom Mayavathi dismised in UP healthcare scam ,the result SP won because ,probably UP people thought sri Akhilesh development mantra is better than other Political Parties

iii)Recently Presidential elections ,we all know that sri Nitish Kumar has objected to PM post and as of today indian media is reporting ,BJP is now encouraging again with Khushawaha whom already has had differences with sri Nitish previously

Likewise we also know what BJP did with statues on Tank bund and never objected when lots of messages were posted against seemandhra being bad people when the emotions were high about the Telanagana issue I atleast thought senior leaders like sri LK Advani might atleast ask Telangana cadre not to encourage hate messages atleast on web based public forums

About Congress we already know its history and corruption scams ,while BJP claims lesser corruption when compared with Congress

what is frightening is BJP is also encouraging Polarisation and Divisions even if that meant dividing Telugus (both telangana and seema andhras are also hindus too if we go by even Hindutva logic)

Today its ally Shiv sena which openly supports Sri Pranabdha has now come out today saying it supports Hindutva PM in 2014

I also watched sri Sadgurus interaction with Dr JP and audience (video recordings) ,and in that lesser evil party is suggested (BJP) ,but from the above BJPs deep polarisation politics and divisional politics is also frightening

I have also come to know that all star AP business groups of GMR grp ,sri Krishna Reddy garus GVK grp etc are a bit in hardship ,but some sections of BJP did not care about AP state GDP or its business interests even a bit ,which begs the question how much selfish are they ? are they be qualified as a National Party ?

what should we do ? loksatta is just one M;LA party ,Left stay where they are ?

so what is the alternative for Indian politics ?

Can we have a good debate about this ? I hope Loksatta will initiate such debate on some media channel like NDTV and bring it into focus make more Indians think of the above
ramesh adapa This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
money in politics.
is the Money plays crucial roll in your party?because most people think including me,your party suffering from poor.thats why your party does not reach more people. what you say Mr,JP sir?
general election 2014
sir,try to paricipate in all 294 places in 2014 election ,we should notice huge number of youth votes are increasing. please concentrate on students problems , the party office members to be active in all dists ,"JOB MELAS" in all dists............................................ I TRY MY BEST TO STOP THIS CORRUPTION BY LOKSATTA , JAI LOKSATTA
Ideal Politician JP Garu

Ideal Politician JP Garu

Rama krishna
Zero focus.

Hello Jp garu,

Congrats for your efforts for the change. Why are you wasting your time and your followers time on focusing on different issues which country is facing at this juncture. Why dont do focus on one area (Like anna hazare on corruption) get the meaningful results.


Rama Krishna

Right to service act

how about right to service act in andhrapradesh as bihar, jarkhand, kerala enjoying government services.


Vidyasagar Gopireddy
Reservations in India

I think time has come for a wholesale rethink (reforms) on Reservations -

1) Shouldn't reservations like everything else be time bound? If reservations go on and on increasing on various criteria, then it only means they haven't served the purpose for which they started out in the first place. Time-boundedness of reservation policy means that there will be a time when more and more (in fact all) backward (economic or social) families come out of oblivion and it would also mean an end of reservation based divisional politics.
2) Shouldn't reservations be based on economic backwardness? Isn't economic backwardness linked to social backwardness? If yes, then shouldn't reservations cover Economically backward upper caste Hindus for example? I think this whole concept of Reservations should be based on economically/socially backward families rather than caste as a whole. This would eliminate the divisions created in the minds of people on the basis of caste/creed. Reservations in current scenario is more harmful.
3) Shouldn't reservations like development be all inclusive? Shouldn't reservations help uplifting of all socially and economically backward families ? Should a family which enjoys the benefits of reservation continue to enjoy them or should they be excluded going further so that other backward families also get to enjoy their share? Should a MP or MLA who once wins an election on reservation (SC/ST/BC category) continue to be seen a reservation deserving candidate or should other persons belonging other backward families be seen as more deserving? There are MP's and MLA's (even in other professions as well) who's many family members continue to be elected on reservation category year after year while other members of the backward families do not get their chance.

archana This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
opertion green
hello sir ... this is archana from hyd ....mee meeda mee party meeda vunna nammakam tho meeku e mail chestunanu,meeku telese vuntundi environmental pollution gurunchi...next taraniki manam pollution, corruption leni plitician ne kadu,polluted leni environment ni kuda ivvali.meeru manchi green projects cheyandi sir mee nundi inspirationtho chala mandi mee venta vuntam.meelanti nayakude ma society ki kavali. mee nude ee projects develop avutayani na nammakam.meeru edaina project start cheste memu parcipate cheyadaniki ready ga vunnam pls consider my request..
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