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Rama Mohana Rao Anne This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
@Defense Brokers

Respected LOKSATTA party cadre ,Dr JP garu

I have read recently THE WEEK magazine (Malayala Manorama) one can access the current issue on the web wwwdotthe-week.com ,it has Indian broker Abhishek Verma and clearly outlines the commissions and kickbacks ,(refer to recent revelations by Respected army general ) Every indian citizen ,political parties ,their leaders should read the article ,given the recent context of LOKPAL bill ,it is even more important to note the same

I appeal to all INDIAN citizens ,our countrys future ,its ratings (by international agencies ) ,our currency ,job creation etc all will be affected as well

Please see what action plans interms of @LOKPAL can be drafted

An oppurtunity to exemplify!!
I see a great oppurtunity in this adverserial and corrupt times. Although there seem to be a palpable agreement among masses that vanpic was allocated in an quidpro basis, the governmnet seem to drag its heels. This is a great oppurtunity for Loksatta Party. We need to catch the imagination of the people. Especially who lost land at cheap governmnet rates. We need to create a mass movement out of it. Unrelenting, ruthless single point agenda that vanpic will be cancelled and will be stand cancelled.  It doesnot matter what the fall out will be either at national level, state level or international level. Time will give the real answers if vanpic is cancelled. Beyond that all others are mere speculations. We in Loksatta need to take up this single point agenda and work in this. I see that we are planing an anticorruption movement. Lets stick to single point and media will definitely pitch in. Oppurtunity to exemplify and set precedent.
PVR Prasad
Electricity crisis

I request loksatta to go for agitations against govt on electricity crisis and give reasonable suggestions, solutions for the power generation in AP.

People, Industries are burning on this issue. Please react.

-PVR Prasad


Dear loksatta,

The present political and economical situation in AP is worsen, People for whoom you are working dont bother about their condition still they want their party,their cast and ultimately money that to without any work(free). So some times thought comes in to my mind why somebody should work for people when partys like YSRCP winning ellections and parties like yours strugling for getting deposits. Any how if some meracle doesnot happen AP is sliding to bottommost postion in all aspects. Please forgive me if i hurt and demotivated anyone.



Dr JP sir in Rajamouli's EEGA

Rajamouli showed his idol politician in his blockbuster Eega movie. I appreciate his modesty in the way he shown with less focus on the Dr JP's photo hanging in background wall of Samantha's NGO office Room.

Anyways i learnt few things from Rajamouli's Eega stunt.

1. Implausible is possible and plausible.

2. How to market your stuff ( taking implausible notion itself is marketting and creating buzz around it ) .

3. He is democrat expects Tamil FI to recieve Good Telugu movies and vice-versa.

4. Finally bringing some non-human worshipping idols and No Human worshipping in to Telugu FI..:)

Rakesh Burugu This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
JP the lincoln of India

If JP comes into power there will be changes in India such that US had in all sectors as Lincoln became the president of US.

indian leader
There is no leader in india ,only polytsion. developing of  the any country need leader,now no one  leader in india,so india facing somany problems.                                                                                 swamy
Ram This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Need to exemplify for people!!

Dear JP Garu,

I think it is Loksatta party need to rethink about their strategy. I strongly belive ends justify the means. I agree with your ideological approach. But i am afraid ideology will lead to no where unless we need a strategy to achieve it. Propounding what is good will never work because people know what is good and what is bad. I think we think start tarhetiing some issues very seriously. Loksatta has to end up what we in indian circumstances we call truth triumphs over eveil. Calling everybody evil will not work. Everyone wil get confused. We need to identify one issues like corruption with a human face. talking about corruption in general will not work. People know that there is no corrution. Only when human face of it is defeated will people start to believe in the system. Trust I guess is teh starting point. We are not saints to talk about good and bad. We are humans with ends to achieve. if it means someheads have to roll so be it. Idealistic society could be created only by sanyasis and gods. We humans can ony strive to match but still fading in front of the divine intervention. For example, if there is a blatant corruption somewhere we need to highlight it. Methods should involve that would catch the imagination of the voters. That would mean rasto rokos and strikes wif needed. I guess we as a nation haven't matured enough to act in a idealistic. That day will come  but for the moment our tools  to effect change are limited. Lets us rethink our startegies means , tools, processes and methods to achieve our means.I also don't think these are very ideals of loksatta neither do I wholeheartedly approve these. Again I subscrube to idea that just ends justify  a litte unjust ( for whom anyway!!!!)means . Need to take a page out of Gandhi philosophy. Please don't glorify gandhi and loose the substance of him as a politician.

Provide free transport to govt school children also like pvt schools
This is regarding the problem being faced by most of the govt school children. People who are still joining in govt schools are really poor or there are no pvt schools available in their area.
I don't think there are some places without pvt schools. And I am sure that no body is joining in govt schools by knowing there they can get quality education.

However the education is, my mail is to bring the problems faced by children who are going to govt schools to your notice.

There is no pvt school without transport, but for govt schools you only provide bus pass.

But there are many areas which doesn't have good public transport buses , even if buses are there, not convenient to their school times.

Most of the areas are covered by autos only.

I have seen many of school children were going on foot to both of sides, ex: 5km for going 5km for coming back.
If a student spends his energy for this purpose only, how can we expect them to go home and read their books.

my concern was only for below 6-10th class, who will not have much energy to walk.
And i have noticed some schools girls are being trapped by some worst people along their way to home.

Please think of some options to provide vehicles to schools, just like pvt schools provide vehicles.
Earlier some gvt tried to provide bycycles to girls, it didn't work properly, and problem is merely for girl and also for boys.

This will tremendously increase strength in govt schools.

and last but not least, 15 years back, I walked 10km from 6-10 and i know the pain in that, And still same situation and same problem.
Children were begging all people who are going in the route for lift.

Kindly do some thing for this problem. History will remember you even you are no more.
Thanks in advance.
vk yadav
one crore people
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