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Are we building leaders to bring social change?

Lok Satta - the first thought that cross through one's mind when they think about it is one man, Dr.J.P. The thought doesn't progress beyond for a majority of the literati of our state and for the masses.

If this party emerged to bring social change politically, why is it that someone like me can't find any leaders from the younger generation to look up to when it comes to elections?

Not just that, I also noticed that all the PR and campaigning taken up by the party usually revolves around Dr.J.P, standing testimony to the fact that there is a dearth of leadership otherwise. The Facebook page of the party is a clear example.

For a social change to occur and to sustain, isn't it necessary that an idealistic party like this should aim at building future leaders who are able enough to stand by the vision of the party and deliver to the society when their time comes?

I wish my understanding of the party leadership is incomplete or probably wrong, but it is more than convincing that the party currently lacks the vision to build leaders for the future and is ignoring the fact that it relies far too much on one man to deliver a change that needs millions hands more to contribute.

Please devise a policy or a program to develop future leaders who can think and act on the same lines as Dr.J.P.

Dear Team, My thought is......Every Active Member should go to their convinent Village and make a Loksatta groups (Min: 50 Members). This group should particepate in services of People. ( I observed in Villages, formers are not going alone to Banks, Mondal offices and towards to GOVT schemes. They are consulting Brokers and they lost the more money.)
So our group shall take initiate and makes the free services to those people and improve the public relationship.
Teja DVS This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Hearty Congratulations for a noble thought
Honourable President of LSP and its members, I sincearly appreciate and encourage your noble thought to launch an online portal for Active Membership Registration. I strongly belive that those who took membership if voted for LSP next time in 2014, we can see the fruits of this vission. Smile
its for U
I would like to be a part of our LOKSATTA .how can i join the people into our party .Many of them are interested to join in loksatta .please appoint the incharges for constitution assembly of every place.
@Surajya Movement - Interpretations

Respected Loksatta Party cadre and leadership ,fellow Volunteers


Please refer to Todays Indian media (samachar website) where some Indian media wrote headlines like CPM has Corporate Funds(refer to Karats party)

This is very much practised in WEST ,it is called

Mind Games

Softt attacks

and tagreted media which is perisistent until viewers watch it or hear it many times over and over again until some people started to believe or give in that is the idea

Europe post world wars ,was abuzz with spying by various govts ,then we have Cold war between USA and Soviet Union anyway let us come back to Loksatta and Indian politics

here are my observations


i)I just read Loksatta latest magazine and also read all relavent material about Surajya Movement as well

ii)I have viewed a video of sri Dr JP press conf with sri S Sudhakar Reddy garu a while back ,I have also listened to NRI s asking questions etc ,this is all fine ,also I know press conference is in Telugu and addressed to local Telugu media ,but this is where the drawback is ?why ?

well - In Syd australia or New York USA ,Left means simply Communists and anti capatalists ,In west anti capatalism is assocaited with Poverty ,atleast mentally why?

reason is many Shareholders in UK,USA,Australia etc have all migrated from Europe after world wars I and II when Europe was in turmoil (and others like Hitlers Germany etc) ,so for most of these Shareholders ,that Europe is associated with Poverty and Disease which they escaped by migrating to USA,UK,etc and established Free markets and hence tasted prosperity and Talents recongnised ,unfortunately still Communism is attributed to Poverty ,trade Unions etc

Likeiwise in my previous write ups I mentioned BJP leadership travel to Isreal ,BJP though pro Religious leanings feels or associates with Capatalism and enterprise and hence they are champions of Prosperity and not Poverty

so it is in this context

LOKSATTA has to tread a very careful path ,in AP atleast most telugus know that LOKSATTA is a pro progressive party that means it believes in Enterprise ,development and jobs creation with Social Justice

But how do we take this message across Pan India ?

there is a danger other political parties might attach a tag to Loksatta as Pro Left,Leftist etc

That is why it is even more important to Loksatta ,to always issue Press statements (if possible press conf ) in Telugu ,Hindi and English (if more languages like Tamil and Kannada even better )

Yes I have read Loksatta will take the Surajya movement to other states ,but it is important ,core message and agenda be disseminated to Bangalore ,Mumbai and Madras etc

Hope my message is clear if not please revert to my email id


prasad This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
party cadre in rural
sir .............. i really feel sad to say our party not at all have the rural areas .In the rural,every party has their own supporters except LOKSATTA ....if we do not take seriously ,then we won't win a SINGLE seat in coming elections in rural
@I had been made a scapegoat

Respected Loksatta party and respected Dr JP Garu


From last 4 years I was unable to get any job at all.Twice I had been dragged to the local court in Sydney

I have lived with a person in Strathfield Sydney for 2 years ,once I moved from that place ,Iam not sure why I have been targeted ,it seems Lebanese ( I do not have any personal enimity with them ) ,then for some time Marathis ,etc played politics against me

Since year 2008 till now I could not get a single job in sydney

I had been told an Anglo Saxon Pastor ,it is from India and Indian politics that you are targeted

but as far as I know ,my Grandfather passed away in 1980s ,neither did he hold any post nor anyone I can think of either

I have also come to know every single website I visit or read is monitored and watched

I do not understand why this is happening to me (unable to get a job ) and being dragged to a police station in Sydney and courts

Dr JP Garu or LOKSATTA party volunteers could you find out through your political connections why Iam targeted in this manner I would appreciate the same



rama anne

Rama Mohana Rao Anne
@Political parties - international connections

Respected loksatta  party and Leaders


Apart from the   usual   backroom  agreements and  politics between BJP ,Congress   and    other  regional parties like  SP ,TDP.,DMK,AIADMK etc

i)  I have  seen BJP  Rajya  sabha leader sri Prakash Jadvekar in  syd australia,

please note as side note : Iam well aware that ,Artists ,Politicians ,Indian Burecrats ,Busines people travel to Australia ,normally it will be Aust Govt invitation or local indian registered body ,most official  trips are covered by local aussie media or local indian magazines at Indian spice outlets in Sydney shops ,I believe the above is not one of  such trips

ii) We also know that BJP party president sri Nitin Gadkari visit ISREAL ,CHINA (this was reported in Indian  media but might have  passed  off  as a news item  as many  more  news would have occupi ed as well).

iiii) we also know that sri late YSR and his family has association at personal level and officia l level  with  usa based church groups


So why  did  I raise the above :

i) Conflict of interest - normally even in Coporate World ,companies like Infosys ,Wipro etc trade on Nasdaq (New York ) or Bombay Stock Exchange , mumbai  ,they need to disclose the professionally audited figures to the stock exchange regulatory authority.

ii) we all know as of now in Indian parialmemtary system - PM(Prime Minister) ,CM(Chief Minister ) and DM(District Magistrate ) are the most powerful.,and some of the above are AP state CMs and potentially some occupy the post as well in future.

iii) one other exampl is Sri Anand Mahindra ,  was on  AIR INDIA group ,and he resigned immediately  ,once   Mahindra  Aerospace is about to   launch their smaller   aircra ft citing conflict of interest.

iv)likewise CEOs ,CFOs are similarly  bound    by such rules .

websites like REDIFF were abuzz with posts from @INDIA about how Congress party top positional people ,move out and into INDIA without Security checks or nature of the trip ever disclosed to the public at large (Iam assuming those messages might be from BJP,or RSS supporters ,or even others like our neighbour island country below india)

v)Indian media like Indian Express ,THE HINDU (extracts of which are posted on this website ) as to how Indias defense secrets ,plans (procurement and logistics) of the IAF,Army ,Navy are all leaked (whistleblower Edmond c Allen an US Citizen has provided the tranche of the documents ,which as per indian media reports is with courts and CBI)

It is surprising that neither BJP nor Left raised this issue in LOKSABHA(i did not verify  the parialment official records as such - so may be or may not be)

NDTV nor any other 24by7 media (TV) choose not even to report the news(surprised)


Now coming back to LOKPAL bill ,I feel ,a great injustice is done ,now I feel LOKSATTA and people like Dr JP ,sri Surendra Srivatsva etc are mature ,able and would have made sure a better outcome ,only issue was since @LOKSATTA  is a political party ,and as a matter of principle ,it was decided to keep LOKPAL apolitical ,but I must say ,Iam disappointed ,I have given time ,and Iam sure many hundreds of thousands Indian volunteers within and across the GLOBE.

Questions to ask are


i)Given the collusion of political parties ,bureacracy and many examples of scams and corruption ,LOKPALs need to cover from the highest office is even more necessary,than ever - 2G Spectrum ,CWG scam ,Abhishek Verma leaks of Defense secrets and plans all point to the highest seats of office as well.

ii)Why the rules that apply to INFY,WIPRO etc to trade on stock exchanges does not apply in the same token to Political parties of india and their leadership

iii)RTI act uncovered some scams in NREGA scheme ,same way ,the RTI act must be applicable for Foreign travel and purpose of the trip -

iii) Then we also know that India has still poverty ,and there are organisations internationally that fund Indian NGOs and do excellent job in India ,but how do we know if all of such funding is for good intended purpose and routed to correct channels ?do we have proper monitoring system (or checks and balances )?

indian media also should play an active part in this type of RTI act

while @BJP does not miss a chance (its supporters or RSS ) posting about Congress leadership visits abroad ,the same should apply to BJP as well

Given that we have


sri Ratan Tata ,Sri Godrej ,sri Premji ,sri Murthy etc extend support before towards @LOKPAL bill ,the above instances clearly indicate ,the need for a good LOKPAL to cover the highest office of the Govt ,political parties of India is even far greater

Mahadev This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Dawn of New Revolution

At the time of Indian Independence in 1947, the Below poverty line (BPL) people were 86% of the Indian population and over a period of time and with Ten Five Year plans it came down to 24%. But for the first time after independence the BPL increased to 26% after eleventh five year plan and at the same time the Billionaires after the Eleventh Five Year plan went up to 1,35,000 from 75,000 at the end of Tenth Five Year Plan, this shows the concentration of wealth and this might be because of the large scale corruption that took place in Eleventh Five Year Plan and to compensate that the government is imposing new taxes on the people. However this is not being agreed by Mr Ahluwalia, the planning commission chairman. In spite of his claims that the BPL came down to 21%, the fact is, Union Health Minister himself agreed on the floor of parliament that 30% of the Indian population is not in a position to spent OPE(out of pocket expenses) for health. Whenever there is imbalance of wealth there will be revolution, even “DAS CAPITAL” says the same and we have seen so many revolutions in the world basing on this.

Yesterday’s revolution of all the 17 Battalions of Andhra Pradesh Special Police Force brings to my memory the great “Sepoy Mutany” in 1857.

Is this the dawn of a “New Revolution in Indian Democracy”

@Update on arms brokers case

Respected Loksatta Party and Respected sri JP garu


Roughly two weeks ago ,an extract from Indian Express about Some Abhishek Verma was posted on the web site

here is an updated extract from Hindustan Times as of today confirming both Swiss and US banks that indeed Transaction did take place


The CBI, which is conducting a probe against defence lobbyist Abhishek Verma in a corruption case, has received key transaction details from banks located in the US and Switzerland — allegedly confirming the receipt of a $5.3-lakh bribe from a Swiss arms manufacturing firm. “From two
banks located in Switzerland and the US respectively, we have received details confirming the transfer of the bribe amount—amounting to $5.3 lakh—from the account of Swiss firm Rheinmetall Air Defence AG to the account of the firm Ganton USA, which is a shell company controlled by Abhishek Verma,” said a CBI source. “The bribe transaction was done in February 2011 from an account in Zurich, held by the Swiss firm, to an account held in New York by the shell company.”


In June, the CBI had arrested Verma as well as his Romanian wife for allegedly taking the $5.3 lakh bribe from the Swiss firm for getting it off the government blacklist. The CBI then booked the Swiss company, Verma and unknown persons under sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act.  Verma and his wife, however, rejected the charges.

“The banking transaction details will serve as key evidence in the case against the accused, including Verma, the accused Swiss firm and its officials,” said the source.

The agency, meanwhile, is all set to send two formal requests—Letters Rogatories—to the US and Switzerland governments for procuring probe details. It will also send a team to New York for recording the statement of Verma’s former business associate, C Edmonds Allen.

The CBI is currently scrutinising a few incriminating emails in its possession. According to sources, the emails allegedly give details of the deal with the Swiss firm, payment of the bribe sum, and establish the fact that it was to be spent on taking the arms firm off the blacklist.

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