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@Impact of Poverty .misfortune etc

Respected Loksatta party cadre ,fellow volunteeers and respected leadership


In developing world (or even under developed world ) ,I have been seeing contrasting news

When I browsed EENADU newspaper online version (web) today I saw a photograph of Indias Home Minsiter sri Susheel Kumar Shinde along with his wife ,priest performing a puja (Sarpa Doshi yaga) ,last night I heard on the BBC radio programm that in Ghana ,any misfortune happens like some ones daughter falls sick ,or misfortune strikes a family ,they attribute the same to Witch (most cases women ,aged above 40 years old and widows ) are labelled as witches who put the curse ,so immediately they pick them up and put them in a seperate village away somewhere on the hills

so that means there is a village where all women aed between 40yrs - 70yrs labelled as wiches only reside in those village (type in google BBC Ghana witch ) you will get the link to the story and photographs


this shows how POVERTY and Misfortune in countries like India (where it is attributed and rituals performed) and Ghana (Africa - witchcraft and Black magic attributed ,though I have seen some news of such witch craft reported even in indias Print media ,including Andhra Pradesh)

On one hand we have Corruption ,and all recent news point to AP state in particular ,where it seems according to print media ,the VOTERS (especially the masses) have accepted the fact that all political parties are corrupt and they feel whoever will give them Govt schemes will get their votes

On one hand we see the above kind of systematic corruption ,then deep rooted rituals as well

It is very unfortunate Voters of AP are not in a position to recognise that there is LOKSATTA party which can deliver honest governance ,get them of vicious cycle of Politics that will lock them in Poverty and instead create a developed India

This is very sad state of affairs in India where we lament how great our civilisation has been ,but yet our Voters and Poliical system at large are in reality does not reflect even an iota of the same

Rama Mohana Rao Anne
Supreme court verdict vs Sahara Grp

Respected Loksatta Party cadre ,fellow volunteers and respected leadership


i)please refer to sri N R Murthys video clip on NDTV profit website about his anxiety on the state of Indias Economy

ii)Coal issue and parialment logjam and Hon PM statement to BJP to wait till next elections and acute power crisis in certain states like AP etc

iii)please refer to esteemed Supreme Court of Indias verdict saying Shara Grp raised the sum issuing Fully Coonvertible Debentures and hence invalid and the amount be refunded (some 24,000 crores a few billion us dollars )

Raising money through Fully Convertable Debentures is not new and done across all over the world ,yes it has go through SEBI regulations as such ,having said that

we are seeing increased mob based comments on websites like Rediff ,NDTV and all Indian news paper websites etc ,where most comments simply acusing Sahara grp and their sponsorship of Indian Cricket team etc

I feel the Baby is washed down the drain while bathing is the correct parallence to the above and is very dangerous

Just like we want to infuse positive politics to our youth ,Indian business ,entreprenuership are also critical  for progress of india

destruction of an Indian Entreprenuer will spell doom for Indian economy

GDP figures ,development and jobs all hinge on Indian business

what we need is a balanced approach

I have tried to post a message on CII website (Confederation of Indian Industry) chairman sri Adi Godrej ,but the website kept saying Invalid message so I gave up

so Iam posting the message here in the hope that Dr JP garu or Loksatta team will analyse the Courts verdict and wider ramifications for Indian Economy and will meet CII Chairman sri GODREJ to know the crux of the issue and evolve a balanced approach to safegaurd the Indian Entreprenuership and Indias hopes

Thanks for the time and space Loksatta team

I am so shameful that I did not vote till now. I can hardly wait to vote for loksatta. I know loksatta is the only trust worthy party right now. I want my state and my loving country to prosper. Hats off to JP. Finally a wise person in politics.
Surajyam Campaign-'East Godavari'- 14Aug2012 without "LSP flags", "whistle", "dark BlueWhite dress code"
To common people, it looked more like an Congress rally!
@Double standards Indian Politics

Respected Loksatta Party Cadre ,hardworking fellow volunteers and respected Leadership


Please refer to wikipedia about sri Late Dr Jayaparash Narayan of Bihar

we all know from Indians political history that JANATA Party success and opposition parties birth in India is all credited to him having said that

Please observe the photo of Late Dr Jayaprakash Narayan with then Isreali PM sri David Ben-Gurion in the year (as you will scroll through wikipedia reference page) ,as documented we also know that Dr Late Jayaprakash Narayan was a socialist as well

ii)It is ironical Todays principal opposition haiving risen on the hardwork of Late DR Jaya Prakash Narayan also seems to make friendship with isreal (refer to sri Gadkaris visit)


while it has become a fashion to attack and label anyone as Leftist (sometimes even Communist Tag),even I myself was not spared in Sydney and at times faced such tags personally

Actually Iam no active member of any Indian political party

So it seems BJP can conveniently take different shapes and play different cards yet seem to get away all times

does anyone seem to make similar observatons like me it would be interesting to see the other side of debate as well

@AP media smear Campaign - Newsmaker video

Respected Loksatta Party cadre and leadership


i)I watched newsmaker video on Dr JP ,immediately it is very clear that media under the guise of analysis is actually making an attack on him

ii)It is shameful as a Andhra Pradesh born to listen to the TV anchor comnents that Telangana activists attack on Dr JP in AP assembly premisis is because of his escapist attitude is completely smear remark

Infact attack on him ,is attack on all indian citizens and our Civilty and it should be seen in the context ,there is no excuse for such remarks and Iam surprised there is not a single voice raised by any Telugu person at all (It shows the state of affairs in our society )

But see Telugu newspapers and see  how Political parties embark on attacking each other

iii)Dr JP is lone MLA ,and he has already allowed LOKSATTA to have autonomous websites for TN ,Maharastra etc and each state has Teams

Dr JP has already anounced he will be the party president ,and guide it ,but partys internal elections will be transparent as well ,also he already declared his son or duaghter will not take his position

Inspite of it some vested media in AP and some vested comments are posting comments means that they are motives need to be questioned


My request is


Loksatta is on correct path and it is a non traditional party ,stay on course Change will happen ,better days will come Patience ,Passion ,Preservance will deliver the results

If some people join LOKSATTA and leave ,let them go but stay on course


@Indias Energy Crisis - Opportunities missed

Respected Loksatta party cadre ,volunteers and respected leadership


In the context of the above subject I feel

i)INDIA has had a Golden opportunity to allocate some few Hundred Crores to BAARC(Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ) and  encourage Indian engineers to team up with French (like we did for Megha Tropique satellite) and develop 21st century Civil Nuclear Reactors using Nuclear Fusion and try out alternate fuels like Thorium and Plutonium

ii)Fire when mishandled is dangerous so is Nucear Technology ,but what technology today exist in west is 1960s and 1970s ,Only French have upgraded and carried out some Research further and have some latest tech

iii)COAL powered plants are tried and tested ,yes easy to setup ,fuel is still available across the Globe ,but with poor environmental record in India and how political business nexus corners most licenses for such Power Plants ,it is safe to assume ,Environmental regulation will take a back seat ,Coal powered plants do emit pollutants in the air and also impact sorrounding areas Crops (Agriculture)

iv)Sri Suresh Prabhu was one such Power Minsiter who tried to regulate the Indians power sect a few years back ,but sad to see that he was let to go

Today ISRO ,went once to MOON ,it is once going to MOON surface is primarly to scout for alterante Fuels (with minimal radio active waste )

v)Looking at the quantum of scams ,I feel perhaps BAARC should have been allocated some 500 crores to 1000 crores to induct best of Indian engg talent and spur R and D ,Iam sure just like LCA tejas ,some Indigenious tech with patents filed would have been the positives

I also feel that French would have been more than happy to join BAARC scientists ,this joint efforts would have heralded a new era for Civil Nuclear power and who knows India would have pioneered some new technologies in Civil Nuclear Reactors


I feel along with SOLAR ,WIND and such renewables ,civil NUCLEAR tech is the correct option for India

I feel Indias huge population density and ever depleting resources and increasing energy demands ,the above is the only alternative

Please debate and diagree with me to prove otherwise





Rama Mohana Rao
@Groupism - political vendetta

Respected Loksatta party cadre and fellow hardworking volunteers and respected leadership


putting pressure and using such tactics ,Groupism in politics has become order of the day

Let me please explain


i)Take recent instances where opposition has taken on Sri P Chidambaram

At least on three occassions inside Parialment ,two court cases one is Madras High Court challenging his Election from SIVAGANGA constituency that he represents ,that his election is invalid

Ofcourse the other is Swamys Supreme Court case (verdict is just due a day or two ago that he is not guilty as I post this article)

Apart from that on two occassions ,opposition sometimes with LEFT took him on - Airtel Maxis deal as well

ii)Likewise I see in AP ,increasingly messages against TDP party ,(iam not supporting them ) ,but sometimes it makes  me wonder ,is it by popular opinion ,or a group with such opinion is taking on

Also ,in the respected sri Chidambaram saga so far ,it is not clear

i)Is BJP attavking him for Corruption just on the surafce or other hidden agenda ,as he cracked Malegoan blasts (refer Swami Praghya)

ii)Also a South Indian state ,and the Island Country below ,has turned hostile towards him ,that in UPA govt ,somehow as a Home Minister ,he took the decision on the policy

iii)likewise NDTV says ,certian congress insiders tell opposition to go all against him

,also refer to certain defense secrets sold or leaked case in South Block close proximity ,which was cracked when PC was HOME MINISTER

Either you attract enemies as a group if you do your JOB well and smart enough to get the bottom of the cases or as opposition alleges about AIRTEL - MAXIS deal

Also on the similar lines DR JP garu also spoke about how Siva Senas own Power minister sri Suresh Prabhu was shunted out (incidentally as POWER MINISTER he propsed power sector reforms ) ,today we know GUJARAT is one state doing well compared to rest of india when power grid collapsed in North India

Dr JP garu ,please recall lots of noise and objections about EVMs(Electronic Voting Machines ) was raised by the opposition ,please recall that it was Dr JP Garu who said EVMs are safe ,if required ,let there be a receipt printed out as VOTES are cast ,inpite of it I saw messages on REDIFF posted till day about EVMs

Already in an Administration ,where things move very slow ,a few politicians perform ,I must admit Sachin Pilot is doing something to connect village panchyats

Likewise AAI (Airports Authority of India has some Agarwal doing a good job),likewise PSU BHEL is also doing fine  thanks to excellent leadership

But going back to the above

i)Targeting a single person as a group ,applying excessive pressure to me seems like borrowed concept from outside India ,and I feel in Indian context it is in correct ,espeacially a case is already filed against sri PC in Supreme court of India

ii)putting corruption aside ,at times it looks like BJP has entered some electrol alliance with a southern state ,and with that hidden attacks sri PC

Today sri PC (chidambaram ) is CONGRESS minister ,and BJP is in opposition

tommorow it can be BJP  in power as well?

Since LOKSATTA  is a ethical party what does Loksatt think of my above comments?

what does NEW DELHI circles say about the above ?

sri Arun Shourie (ex NDA minister ,ex Indian Express editor) is another voice ,which must atleast listen to ?

LOKSATTA party I seek your valuable comments on the above


Rama Mohana Rao Anne
PHANI This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Rama Mohana Rao Anne
@Loksatta Party - North India

Respected Loksata Party Cadre and respected fellow volunteers and respected Leadership


Now that Team Anna has decided to contest the ELECTIONS and we Indians did not get the LOKPAL bill can Loksatta Party


i)Can Loksatta party through its Mumbai Office and under the effective leadership of  Sri Surendra Srivastava forge any electrol alliance in say a selected few Constituencies in North India - say 3 in UP,3 in Haryana ,3 in Maharastra (as Member of Parialment elections)

ii)f such an electrol alliance worked out Loksatta has to make clear upfront certain core principles and methodlogies that are a minimum and should be obeyed under all circumstances for whole 5 year time should the candidates get elected

If even a Six elected MPs ,or even a Dozen elected MPs in the LOKSABHA can do wonders for POLITICS - LOKPAL ,ELECTROL REFORMS and De Centralisation of power

 I feel sri Surendra Srivatsava garu ,newly joined NRIs of Loksatta under able leadership of sri DR JP Naryan can work out such an alliance with Team Anna ,since already Loksatta has registered Volunteers and party members in Mumbai who are also from North India ,Loksatta is in a position to refer such candidates to Annas new political party

Can this alliance be worked out before 2014 elections ,still 2 years left ,if it can be worked out then

i)Constituencies be indentified

ii)Candidates selected

iii)SURAJYAM message taken across North India - UP,Haryana ,etc

Dr JP garu can tour such constituencies along with sri Surendra Srivastava garu ,already ANNA got IAC website and materials

I just read the article of sri Yogendra published on The Hindu ,likewise within team anna there are a few worthy candidates like Guarav  etc.

Most important ,if such electrol alliance is worked out ,clearly the prequistte conditions and terms be set celar upfront as Loksatta is more mature and stable ,so its core values and stability not diluted under any cost



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