Lok Satta

Saturday, 18 December 2010 00:00

Letter to Hon'ble Minister for Cinematography




The Hon'ble Minister for Cinematography,

State of A.P., Hyderabad.


Respected Madam,


With the latest strike in the Telugu Film Industry thousands of cine workers and their families are starving. The main reason for the unpleasant and unwarranted atmosphere in the film industry is that the producers who make films are violating all releavant laws and acting as per their whims and fancies, for their personal benefits. To quote an example, the producers shall enter into agreement with all the cine workers of 24 crafts as per Sec. 3 of "The Cine Workers and Cinema Theatre Workers (Regulation of Employment) Act, 1981" (the model/format of the agreement also prepared by the government), but none is following this, which is the main cause for the strike. The competent authority to implement this Act is the department of labour and employment and the departmens of cinematography and APSFTVTDC should supervise in the interest of film development. Unfortunately none is looking at this direction.


We, therefore request your good self to kindly look into the matter and direct all the concerned departments and officers to strictly implement the above act and all the releavant acts pertaining to film making and exhibition of films in our state, and do justice to lakhs of people who are depending on the telugu film industry and also get hundreds of crores of rupees of revenue to the government, which can be used for public good.


Thanking you madam in anticipation.


Sincerely Yours,


(C.V.L. Narasimha Rao).

(supported by 52,526 voters for

Secunderabad Parliament Constituency

in 2009 elections).