Lok Satta

Friday, 02 July 2010 04:23



Sri DVVS Varma served as the State Campaign Coordinator of LOK SATTA Movement. Subsequently, when Lok Satta Party was formed in 2006, he served as its first General Secretary and later, as a Vice-President of the Party. He is also a reputed newspaper columnist and media analyst of political and policy affairs.


Under the able leadership of Sri DVVS Varma, LOK SATTA turned from an advocacy group into a true people's movement. This Movement expanded its reach into all 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh and established primary units in a vast majority of the mandals and thousands of villages across the state. During this period: the campaign for candidate disclosures (i.e. criminal record, assets and liabilities of electoral candidates) led by Sri Varma culminating with the "People's Ballot" was hugely successful and caught the imagination of the people of the State. He also played a central role in Lok Satta conceiving and leading the hugely successful state-wide Movement for Empowerment of Local Governments and the historic '1-crore signature campaign' that brought the issue of empowerment of the third-tier of government (i.e. panchayats and municipalities) to the forefront of public and political debate.


Earlier, Sri DVVS Varma had been an active member of the left-wing movement in AP for more than three decades and worked at the grass roots level. He earned his reputation as a mass leader; he was a popular state level student leader too. Even during his association with the left-wing movement, he embodied the true liberal values of human rights, individual liberty, equality, opportunities for vertical mobility and freedom. He is especially renowned for his adherence to true internal democracy in politics.


After quitting the communist party in the mid 90's, Sri Varma continued to work in the areas of primary education and sanitation, two issues that are dear to his heart.


Sri Varma is a native of Tanuku, West Godavari district. He is also the Chief Editor of Jaateeya Spurthi, a Telugu current affairs and fortnightly.