Lok Satta

Friday, 27 November 2009 04:52

Disappointment but no despair: Dr. JP on GHMC results


Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan expressed disappointment over the party’s dismal performance in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections. “Defeat, however, is not a matter for despair. It is not the end of the road. For us, victory is a means to accomplish a larger goal and not an end by itself.”


Talking to media persons who called on him, Dr. JP said: “If the goals we subscribe to are necessary and good for the country and our means are pure and without malice, we will surely overcome all obstacles.”


Dr, JP said that the Lok Satta made two fundamental assumptions. One is that the nature of politics needs to be totally transformed. Politics as it is practiced is plagued by criminalization, centralization, corruption. As a result, we have dismally failed in building up human capacity and eliminating poverty. The other Lok Satta assumption is that the people are willing and ready for transforming the nature of politics. The election results reveal that a majority of people are not yet ready to embrace new politics.


Dr. JP said the people had voted for the status quo without utilizing the platform built by the Lok Satta for ushering in alternative politics. They viewed the elections as a spectator sport and enjoyed the two traditional parties fighting like wolves. Unfortunately, they did not realize that the fight was over who should gobble up the lamb (the voter) first.


“A majority of people continued to believe in hero worship without appreciating each one is a hero in his own life. That’s why the Lok Satta’s call to people to grab the opportunity for self-rule as detailed in its manifesto did not click. Voting based on political parties’ policies and programs is yet to take root.”


The Lok Satta Party, Dr. JP pointed out, fielded competent and educated candidates with no criminal antecedents. It released a credible and practicable agenda for the city and for different divisions and took its message to people. It stuck to its policy decision of not luring voters with money, liquor and other inducements. It carried on an honest and abole election campaign. Yet the people did not utilize the Lok Satta platform. Apparently, the Lok Satta had failed in convincing the people that it is the only party which is fighting for the people.


“We may have to undertake course correction after deep introspection,” added Dr. J.P.


Dr. JP thanked the tens of thousands of people who had voted for the Lok Satta spurning inducements and in the face of adversity. He also congratulated the thousands of party workers who invested their time, effort and money in working for the Lok Satta without anticipating anything in return except the good of the country.


“Setbacks are only to be expected when we are on a mission to change history. We believe in fight and not flight.”