Lok Satta

Wednesday, 25 November 2009 09:59

Revolt against distribution of money and liquor: Dr. JP


Lok Satta President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today asked the Congress and the TDP whether they were not ashamed of trying to win GHMC elections with liquor and money and in the process burying democracy.


Addressing the media, he called upon voters not to remain silent but revolt against the abhorrent practices of the traditional parties. They should realize that their living conditions in the city would depend on the quality of candidates they elected. The traditional parties have fielded a number of land grabbers and goondas as their candidates and are now trying to get them elected by luring the voters with money and liquor.


Dr. JP appealed to voters to exercise their franchise, without availing themselves the two-day weekend and the polling day holiday to go to their native places. “Any amount of griping after the elections in which they don’t take part and opt to elect candidates of integrity will not help them.”


Dr. JP once again said that providing voting rights to some 63 ex-officio members like MPs, MLAs and MLCs in the election of the GHMC Mayor and Deputy Mayor was blatantly unconstitutional. They cannot even attend meetings of municipal corporations in Mumbai and other cities, leave alone enjoying voting rights. In the Chennai municipal corporation and in corporations in Haryana, MPs and legislators can take part in meetings but do not have voting rights. In contrast, Karnataka shares the dubious distinction with Andhra Pradesh in providing voting rights to MPs and legislators.


Dr. JP welcomed the State Government’s decision to seek a CBI inquiry into iron ore mining by the Obulapuram Mining Company. It was in fact the Lok Satta which had first demanded such a probe to unravel the facts.


Mr. V. Laxman Balaji and Mr. Bhisetty Babji disclosed that both the TDP and the Congress had been hiring function halls under the pretext of celebrating a birthday or some other event and distributing money and liquor. They said they had received reports of such distribution from Karmanghat, Charlapalli, Kushaiguda, Uppal and Borabanda.


The Lok Satta Party would be complaining to the State Election Commission about corrupt electoral practices in a day or two after collecting more details.