Lok Satta

Thursday, 29 October 2009 10:36

Loksatta Party Karnataka Flood Relief Work in Raichur District


Loksatta Party, Karnataka State Unit visited flood affected areas of Raichur district on 18th and 24th October.Earlier, Loksatta Party organized several activities in Jayamahal, BTM, Murugehpalya for collecting donations and materialfrom citizens. Party members went door to door to explain the plight of flood victims and request citizens to donate generously for the relief work.


A team of Loksatta volunteers visited Raichur district on 18th October to better understand the ground situation, status of relief work and if relief material is reaching to all villages. Based on this visit Loksatta Party identified few villages in Sindhanur Taluk near Siriguppa.


On 24th October, a team of Loksatta Karnataka volunteers visited the villages Uppal, Dhadeshgur and Sincheri which are about 30kms from Sindhanur. A truck load of bedsheets, sarees, childrens clothes, household and kitchen utensils and packaged bags of rice (10kgs per family) were taken to the area by dedicated party workers to the above mentioned villages.


Sincheri, which is a tiny village of 10 families has absolutely no help from government or any other organizations till now. The villages were happy to see Loksatta and grateful for the help.  Their biggest worry is getting their lives back on track and finding employment.  In Uppal village, Loksatta Party distributed 400 bed sheets, 250  sarees, cooking utensils and vessels, children's clothes, pulses, rice bags (10kgs per family for about 50 families.

In Dhadeshkur, state government gave Rs 4000Rs per house but nothing else has been provided so far. The situation is particularly grim in this village. Primarily a fisherman community, their biggest challenge is finding work, women folk are stepping into agriculture labour jobs to help the families earn their daily meal. The plight of pregnant women, senior citizens and children touched the party workers and determined us to do more to bring positive changes to the governance. Sarula Sardar, 50 years old woman told us about how their homes collapsed and they lost everything and noted that relief benefits seems to reaching places where no damage occured but not in their village.


Sri Durgappa, fisherman and tailor  (37 years old) took up tailoring as an alternate profession and trying to earn little money by stiching gunnybags (tarpolins or barakalu in local lingo). Durgappa has a BPL card and recieved Rs 4000 from government, but says he is not able to get the quote of rice or grains in the ration shop. Satyappa son of Murugappa ( fisherman by profession) is also making a living by finding odd jobs and tailioring work.


Women are going to daily wage farm work to support family. Men are not finding any work despite of attempts everyday.
Anukosh Roy  told us even if they are able to find some fish, they are unable to sell fish. Sattemma, 60, is making barakalu to buy food and longsfor a normal life and requests government to elevate their village to prevent future floods and provide Janata housing.

The Loksatta team was lead by Loksatta Party Karnataka State Convenor Mrs. K.Ramalakshmi and other members who did the exemplary work are Jagan,  Bhaskar, Rajasekhar and Kiran, all young IT professionals and executive members of Loksatta Party.  Sri Yogiah and Parandham visited the area earlier. Loksatta Party appreciates the help and hospitality of Sri Paramesha, Sri Seshagiri Rao (ex-Panchayat President, somlapur) and Sri Sarveshvara Rao all from Sindhanur Taluk.

Loksatta party is committed to participate the flood relief work and determined to bring about long term, sustainable solutions for these areas. Like our parent organization, Loksatta Party in A.P, we intend to adopt a village and work on ensuring that government services reach the intended and infrastructure is improved to prevent future incidents. Our work has just begun.