Lok Satta

Sunday, 16 August 2009 00:00

Independence Day Awareness Campaign in Boston


Hundreds of people were pleasantly surprised to see a young dynamic small group of People for LokSatta (PFL) volunteers at the India Day Celebrations at Charles Esplanade in Boston, on August 16th, 2009, an event which celebrated India’s 62nd Independence Day. The Boston Chapter of PFL organized the LokSatta Party awareness program which ran from 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm and talked to more than 1000 people about LokSatta Party and its activities in the state of Andhra Pradesh.


The PFL volunteers - Vinod Bandi, Manasa Mahathi, Satish Reddy,Jagadish Gattu, Satish Gandham,Sameer Mellacheruvu, Seshu, Arun Janapala, Bhavani Bandi and Jaidev Gandham participated in the event ,who wore white T-Shirts which read “ I Support India’s Second Freedom Movement”. The volunteers interacted with the visitors and informed them on how LokSatta is different as a political party in contrast to the traditional parties, Party’s achievements so far and the volunteer group’s current initiatives on NRI voting rights, anti-corruption, Citizen Help Centers.


The PFL booth displayed Party banners, party literature and its activities, audio of Dr Dr.JayaPrakash Narayan speeches outlining the LokSatta Party’s 50 Irrevocable Guarantees. There were several people who signed up to be volunteers for ‘People for LokSatta’ and pledged to work to strengthen the party. The volunteer group submitted a memorandum on NRI voting rights to a dignitary at the event to be forwarded to Indian embassy.


One of the visitors to the booth was a retired Indian government officer who said “Everyone agrees that governance in India needs to change dramatically, I am glad to see all of you actually trying to bring a better government. We need young individuals like you who can build a better India for the next generation.” The volunteers fielded various questions of the visitors on policies and implementation methodologies on Agriculture Clinics, Abolition of the caste system, Eradication of poverty, Education and Health for all.


One of the PFL volunteers mentioned that supporting and working for LokSatta is like planting trees of honesty and integrity in Indian politics and all the volunteers pledged to continue to water the trees until they bear fruits of better policies and non-corrupt public servants that will benefit generations to come in the largest democratic country in the World.