Lok Satta

Friday, 10 April 2009 14:29

NRIs’ tele-campaign for Lok Satta


Lok Satta supporters in the U. S. are making 1200 calls a day to their friends and relatives in Andhra Pradesh asking them to vote for the Lok Satta Party in the ensuing elections. Their message is that while traditional parties are trying to influence voters by dangling short-term sops, only theLok Satta is offering policies and programs that promise a bright future for them and their children.


Disclosing this here today, party spokesmen P. Ravi Maruth and V. Vijayender Reddy told the media that in their response to NRIs, even ordinary people tell them they will show the door to people trying to garner votes with the offer of money and liquor. The spokesmen said that NRIs in Canada, Australia and New Zealand too are carrying on the tele-campaign in Lok Satta’s favor.


The NRIs are also using the Internet for their campaign.The party spokesmen condemned the attack on Siasat Editor Zahid Ali Khan, contesting for the Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat, saying that violence has no place in a democracy.


Lok Satta contestants all over the State will be taking an oath tomorrow on the policies they will be adhering to. Candidates in and around Hyderabad will be gathering at the party headquarters to take the oath.