Lok Satta

Monday, 23 March 2009 03:58

Donations from public even for deposit money

Donations from public even for deposit money Lok Satta Party candidates contesting elections will be collecting donations from the public to pay even the deposit the amount as they file their nominations beginning March 23. Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan has told the candidates that the Lok Satta Party, unlike traditional parties, is a people-centric party. The Lok Satta movement was instrumental in bringing about electoral reforms, which sought to curb the flow of black money by granting tax exemption for donations to political parties. The Lok Satta Party has set an example to others by placing its accounts of income and expenditure on the Internet and by accepting donations only by cheque. Traditional parties are issuing the party ticket only to those who contribute crores of rupees to the party and are prepared to spend crores of rupees in elections. Pointing out that most of the money squandered in elections is unaccounted black money, Dr. JP says the candidates hope to make many times more than their investment once they get elected. The menace of black money cannot be ended so long as parties are not transparent in collecting and spending money. Dr. JP has advised party candidates to publicize their collections from the public towards the payment of the deposit money. He wants them to stick to the expenditure limits imposed by law and carry on their election campaign with dignity. for Lok Satta Party