Lok Satta

Monday, 03 June 2013 10:54


3rd JUNE 2013 MONDAY


Lok Satta Party attended the open Public Hearing convened by DERC alongwith team members – Shri Anurag Kejriwal – State President, Shri B.B. Tewari – State General Secretary, Shri Siddharth Panwar and Shri Samridh Agrawal and voiced their grievances and suggestions on the electricity issues.

Shri Anurag Kejriwal as leader of the delegation spoke and invited attention of DERC members on the following:

-    The meeting called by DERC is a farce and sham similar to the fixing in IPL and subsequent investigation
-    DERC rather than being a quasi judicial body and neutral in stand they are only favouring discoms
-    We are surprised that inspite having retired Judge and senior IAS officers on the body still the decisions coming out of DERC are ridiculous and one sided favouring DISCOMS on the advice and guidance of their political masters in Congress party
-    Since last 15days there has been heavy voltage fluctuations from 7PM-3AM – why?
-    Delhi peak requirement is 4200MW and their share in projects total 5400MW – so why shortage? Inspite of claims of having surplus power some areas are still witnessing 10hours power cut
-    Power today is freely tradeable and available on the exchanges at Rs.3-5/unit i.e. longterm, medium and spot rates – then why does Delhiites have to pay such high charges? NDMC is selling power at Rs.3.20/unit and earning hefty profits and DISCOMS inspite of selling at Rs.6.50/unit are incurring huge losses.
-    New power projects in other states are offering power at rs.2.32/unit upto Rs.3/unit – then why cannot Delhi get power at Rs.3 and instead pay higher cost.
-    When any state has share in project they should get power at cost only – then why citizens of Delhi having to pay extra? Generation cost today is Rs.2.75/unit approx. so why does Delhi have to pay such huge charges.
-    Why should DIAL and such consumers be allowed preferential and cheap tariff – they have already been subsidised by government by giving them prime land worth in Lakh crores to tide over their financial crisis as per business plan.
-    Before committing to any tariff increase we desire a CAG audit of all discoms.
-    There should rationalisation of tariff structure in line with NDMC areas – if DISCOMS are inefficient we should get rid of them or allow others also to become DISCOMS. Being a Gujrati company how come they are doing loss in business – no Marwari/Gujrati business house ever does any business in loss. DISCOMS should leave the business if they are having loss which is SOP in business. The DISCOMS have claimed a loss of Rs.20000cr which is huge. What is the love for Delhi that business houses continue to do business inspite of such huge losses.

We have further suggested that if the DISCOMS are not efficient why not get rid of them, re-nationalise the DISCOMS and let DESU or NDMC provide power at lower rates rather than let the citizens suffer. Alternatively DERC should come out with guidelines to open the sector to include wider private participation of RWA’s and other SBE’s(small business enterprises) in distribution to end the monopoly of the existing DISCOMS.

This is a clear case of a major scam close to Rs.20000crores/annum and DERC alongwith Government are colluding with DISCOMS to create hardships for citizens of Delhi and knock the daylights out of them commented Mr. Anurag Kejriwal, State President of Lok Satta Party.

He further exhorted DERC commission to get their act together otherwise like last time they will have to face the music at the hands of the public as in November elections their protectors will be thrown out and replaced by a new government which would result in major upheaval in this sector.