Lok Satta

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 07:10



1. Very few citizens have the stature, integrity, commitment & lifetime record of service & sacrifice to be the nation’s conscience keepers.

2. Justice Verma was a true conscience keeper. We lost a titan. All his life he upheld liberalism, constitutionalism, humanism & integrity.

3. He was a great Jurist, humanist, & champion of probity in public life & judicial & police reform

4. Justice Verma brought passion, clarity, resolve, pragmatism, balance, depth & integrity to every public issue he touched.

5. Based on evidence, he was willing to change his views – as in respect of appointments to higher judiciary. He realized need for reform.

6. Varma’s fight for probity was never self-serving. He turned the search light inwards & fought for probity & competence in judiciary.

7. Justices Verma, Venkatachaliah & Krishna Iyer have been the greatest jurists of India for 30 yrs & conscience keepers of the nation.

8. All three led exemplary lives. All three lead austere lives. All three decided not to work for any mortal, or company after retirement.

9. All three worked only for the President, People & Constitution even after demitting office; never seeking any monetary return.

10. Lok Satta is privileged to have known justice Verma very closely for a decade. He co-chaired Lok Satta’s RoundTable on Lokpal in Delhi in Apr 2011.

11. At LokSatta’s request Justice Verma worked with Justices Venkatachaliah & Krishna Iyer & they unanimously recommended key judicial reforms.

12. After year-long deliberations the three eminent jurists proposed a National Judicial Commission (NJC) for appointing judges.

13. They also recommended Indian Judicial Service (IJS) with the authority and prestige of IAS for subordinate judiciary.

14. Creation of independent Lokpal/Lokayukta & CBI/ACB, strong law to confiscate properties of the corrupt were recommended by Justice Verma.

15. Anticorruption institutions, police reform, NJC, IJS and sensible law on sexual violence – these are the need of the hour

16. These reforms to improve public life in India will be the truly fitting tributes to the memory of late JusticeVerma. Let us work for them

17. Our deepest condolences to JusticeVerma’s family members, who stood solidly with him all his life at enormous personal cost and privation.

18. When great human beings work tirelessly for society, often the family pays a heavy price. Our salute to all family members of these heroes.

Lok Satta Party pays its tribute to the GLORIOUS SON OF INDIA