Lok Satta

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 05:44


19 March 2013, New Delhi


LSP alongwith its alliance partners will strive to give Delhiites basic necessities for a bright living which has been denied by the big national parties.

Price rise, corruption and indifference has made the citizens scared and wary of the intentions of the larger parties. Water and electricity has been witnessing huge price rise and we have seen 60% price rise in last one year compared to average 15% in other parts of the country. Why should citizens be made to bear the high charges when electricity is available at the exchange for Rs.3-4/unit? Similarly without any supply water prices has been trebled in last few months and with the approaching summer water seems to be distant for most citizens.

What has the government or BJP the principle opposition party done to restore normalcy in both? NOTHING IS THE ANSWER except for trading charges and counter charges.

We have to move from government controls to free market and remove all barriers which hinder good service to citizens. This will help in delivering better services and reduce corruption and prices. There should no limitation on number of service providers and CONSUMER IS KING to decide his service provider.

Lok Satta Party proposes to relieve both Electricity and Water from government control and makes it available for any service provider who would like to offer the services to the citizens. We will strive to remove all barriers and empower the people to make their own decisions as to their service provider for water and electricity.

Most of the political parties have only been trading charges or counter charges or promising lower tariffs but do not want to give a lasting solution to the people. As long as electricity and water is in government control not much can be expected except for lip service.

PDS distribution is in doldrums with shops not operating or they operate for reduced hours. Most of the time they do not have any ration in the shops for distribution as most has been sold in open market filling the coffers of local politicians. Why has no one thought of having more PDS shops or using SAFAL shops to dispense food articles? Why has no one thought of including all citizens to avail of PDS food – grains are rotting in the warehouses and with bumper crops situation will be no different. Lok Satta Party proposes to bring entire Delhi under the PDS system and open all stores or establish new stores for distributing food grains, sugar etc.

Security has been a major concern among the citizens with the increasing number of dacoities, rapes, murders etc happening in the city. Delhi is one state which has no Lady SHO in any police station which speaks a lot about women empowerment which all parties speak about. We demand atleast 50% of the police stations of Delhi should have Lady SHO and atleast 50% of top posts be reserved for women so that women feel safe and secure and confident about the police. But our Home Minister does not find time for such things. Lok Satta Party will fight to bring Delhi Police under control of State government and implement the above.

All citizens are entitled to security, food, water and electricity and Lok Satta Party promises to deliver the same for the betterment of its citizens. We will fight and continue to fight and will be holding a demonstration/protest on 30th March 2013 at Jantar Mantar or other place for 1 day and then strengthen the protest to awaken citizens to demand their rights and privileges.

Lok Satta Party believes in providing lasting solutions and not trading charges and counter charges.