Lok Satta

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 06:50




BIJLI ( Electricity)
Delhi has the following:
Distribution Companies (Discoms) – BSES Yamuna Power Limited, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, Tata
Generation – Delhi Genco
Transmission – Delhi Transco

Peak Hour     3800-4200MW
Average    3100-3200MW
Shortage    800-1200MW

Power plants for Delhi:
NTPC Badarpur – 705MW
NTPC DAdri – 817MW
Reliance Dadri – 3000MW
IP Gas turbine – 270MW
Pragati 1 – 330MW
Pragati II – 1500MW
Pragati III – 750MW
Indira Gandhi STPP, Jhajjhar, Haryana – 750MW out of capapcity of 1500

Total earmarked capacity for Delhi is 5122MW and Reliance Dadri still unoperational.

Power from exchanges is available at Rs.3-5/unit and mostly at Rs.4/unit all inclusive  - so there is no need to buy power at Rs.6/unit – this was done basically to provide proof of higher cost and insist for revised tariff

There is no reason for shortage and tariff increase.

PANI (Water):

Per Capita Requirement is 51 Litres Per Person day
Delhi is supposed to meet its requirement from adjoining states

Major reason for water shortage is:
-      Most of the Water treatment plants in Delhi are non-functional
-      Yamuna is a hot bed of sewage and muck whereas should have been a source of water
-      Wrong policies imposed by Delhi Jal Board like Unequal distribution of water supply
-    All canals viz near Patpargunj etc are sewage outlets hence water cannot be stored
-    Low ground level water. No waste water management plan and plant are in place
-    Sewage plant does not function practically though on paper it is functional
-    No Rain water harvesting is not done
-    Wastage of water at DJB centres leading to private tankers having a field day
-    All natural water bodies (ponds) are not in existence
-    No Master plan has been adopted yet for effective water supply
-    Private bodies interest are in priority, commercialization of water

-    Water bodies to be revived
-    Sewage flow from colonies to be diverted from the water bodies, canals and Yamuna to the sewage treatment plant which should function round the clock
-    Rain water harvesting should be made compulsory for all construction
-    Stop wastage of water and regulate Delhi Jal Board to make it efficient
-    No Commercialization of water

LokSatta also wants that control of Delhi Water supply should be given back to all Municipal Corporations of Delhi, elected bodies of state.


-    Delhi government should ensure extra release of grains, wheat in the open market to bring prices down
-    Due to bumper crops there is shortage of space at the godowns leading to grains getting spoiled – rather than letting it waste we should sell it in open market
-    Government should come down heavily on hoarders and black marketers
-    PDS has to be streamlined to give poor people proper food articles
-    Explore SAFAL route to increase penetration
-    DSIIDC etc. to get involved in selling food products
-    Shops and individuals selling adulterated food should be given harshest punishment acting as a strong deterrent for others