Lok Satta

Saturday, 03 November 2012 07:54


(3 November 2012) New Delhi


The way politics is being handled and activated in India general public gets a feeling that it is only for corruption and making big bucks while the general public is damned.

Last 4 years since 2008 will be historic in terms of scams and corruption unleashed on the population by the politicians which has given rise to our own INDIAN SPRING with people from the civil society taking up cudgels on behalf of common man. Till 2010 people believed that nothing could happen and we are doomed!!! But then came Lok Satta Party in few areas, Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and now Arvind Kejriwal who have given hope to the AAM AADMI that all is not lost and we have to fight the powers to get what we deserve.

The support received by all the people is enormous but still not enough for it to reach a crescendo for change. We have to shake from our slumber, rise and protest against this inhuman and wild ways of the ruling political class and establish a liberal, right and people centric rule which will herald us through another 50years of politics.

Presently it can be clearly said that POLITICS IS CORRUPTION and everything bad is linked to politics. We have to change that and also peopl’s mindset that good can happen. Last 50years has seen the graph of corruption rising in Indian politics which has no parallels and here I am reminded of a statement made by Shri Pranab Mukerjee on the floor of the Lok Sabha during the debate on Jan Lokpal when Anna HAzare was sitting on a fast at Ram Lila Maidan that ‘OUR COUNTRY IS PASSING THROUGH A DIFFICULT PHASE AND IT IS THE DUTY OF ALL PARLIAMENTARIANS TO RISE TOGETER ………’ to which a senior Left leader commented ‘YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT AND WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CONDITION – IT IS THE CONGRESS WHO HAS BEEN RULING FOR THE LAST 50YEARS OR MORE. YOUR OWN PRIME MINISTER HAD TO RELINQUISH HIS CHAIR FOR A MERE Rs. 50 CRORES AND TODAY INSPITE OF SO MANY LARGE SCAMS WE HAVE YET TO SEE RESULT’.

Numbers in scams have crossed all norms of justification and resultant enquiries have proved to be another expense in futility.

We now have to ask ourselves this question – WHAT IS POLITICS AND CAN CORRUPTION BE REMOVED FROM POLITICS?

Answer is – YES and YES only if we elect good people, come out to vote and rise against misdeeds being committed by elected representatives.