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Thursday, 01 November 2012 14:04






Referring to charges made by India Against Corruption against Reliance, Dr. JP wanted the Government to ferret out facts and take action against the guilty. According to Reliance estimates, the production of natural gas from the Krishna-Godavari D6 block should have touched 120 million standard cubic meters per day (mscmd) by now whereas it has plummeted to 28 mscmd now. Reliance had either indulged in hype when it entered into exploration to boost its share price or decreased production now with a view to bargaining for a better price. In either case, Reliance's stance borders on criminality.

Dr. JP said the Government is entitled not only to fix the price of a natural resource like gas but also decide on priorities in its allocation in people's interests. "It is the duty of the Government to ensure that the price is fair, not exorbitant; otherwise our power and fertilizer industries will suffer grievously."

In reply to a question on the shifting of Mr. Jayapal Reddy from the Petroleum Ministry, Dr. JP said that the Prime Minister has the right to choose his Ministers. He should, however, ponder whether a crucial Ministry like Petroleum should be subjected to uncertainties through frequent changes. "Mr. Jaipal Reddy is known for his integrity and record of service. We need stability and competence in key sectors, not frequent changes," Dr. JP said. 

Referring to the movie 'Denikaina Ready' which has drawn protests from the Brahmin community, Dr. JP appealed to movie makers and media not to hurt feelings of any caste or religion, region or language. They should use their influence to promote harmony in a diverse country like India.

Lok Satta leaders P.Bhaskara Rao and K. Gita Murthy took part in the media meet.

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