Lok Satta

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 10:07



After the fracas and bedlam that broke out in the Public Hearing conducted by Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission(DERC) on 8th October 2012 at their office in Malviya Nagar DERC has decided to not have any further public hearings in the matter of tariffs.


DERC in a press note has indicated that they will write to the RWA's and invite their suggestions on the tariff and other matters and based on the messages received will take their decision and advise the government.


Senseless one upmanship by BJP, certain RWA's and NGO's who have been named in the leading newspapers of Delhi has compelled the DERC to do away with public hearing leading to further harassment of public and giving decisions arbitrarily.


Lok Satta Party deplores such individuals, groups and political parties who in the name of common man and stooped so low to deny the common man his rights.


The full story as it appeared in Times of India:

Power regulator shies away from hearing Says It Will Invite Written Submissions And

That Only Subsidy Can Help

New Delhi: BJP leader Vijay Goel’s aggressive attempt on Monday to secure a tariff rollback by holding Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) chairman P D Sudhakar hostage has left people without a voice. With its hearing disrupted and its office vandalized, DERC on Tuesday decided against holding a public hearing again and said that it will instead invite written submissions from people.

“The commission has decided to issue a public notice in a day or two inviting written submissions from the people on the proposed slabs. We have decided not to hold a public hearing again on this issue,” Sudhakar told TOI. This is likely to delay the final order on the proposed change in tariff slabs by two weeks. “After the public notice, we will give RWAs a week’s time to respond. After this, the commission will take another one week to come out with the final order,” Sudhakar added.

The final order on the tariff could bring relief to lowend consumers having consumption of 200-300 units of power per month. The tariff in the first slab (0-200 units) is Rs 3.70 with consumers in this bracket getting a subsidy from Delhi government. However, the RWAs have been demanding reduction of the rate in the next slab (200-400 units) which is proposed to be Rs 5.70 per unit.

Reacting to this demand, Sudhakar said granting it would be possible only if the government increases the subsidy on power. “We plan our tariff based on the cost of purchase and other expenditure. We are not in a position to lower the tariff. This can be done only if the government increases the subsidy on power,” he said.

Chief minister Sheila Dikshit told TOI her government would consider the subsidy issue after DERC comes out with its final order. “Let DERC first come out with its order and we will then see what can be done,” she said.

DERC’s decision against holding a hearing again, has come as a major blow for RWAs who have described the move as “anarchy in response to anarchy”. Rajiv Karkaria of GK-I RWA said: “Just because of one unsavoury event that took place because of a politician, DERC cannot take away our right to be heard. You cannot penalize residents for mistakes of leaders.” Atul Goel of NGO URJA said by deciding against calling a public hearing, DERC has put a question mark over its own existence.

The RWAs said DERC is partly responsible for the ugly events that took place on Monday. “For the past three years, DERC has been sweeping our suggestions under the carpet and only favouring discoms. What happened yesterday was an outcome of the same,” he added.