Lok Satta

Friday, 05 October 2012 08:45




Indian aviation industry has come a long way from the early years of 80 & 90s to the present stage of bankruptcy of the industry and companies like Kingfisher, MDLR and Paramount falling by the wayside. Before them was Damania(sold and not closed), Modiluft(now in their new avatar as SpiceJet), East West and NEPC and some which are unknown until today to most public like Archana Airways.

If we look back the major reason for the debacle is:

-    Short term plans
-    Acquired a Glamorous Image
-    No route & aircraft planning
-    No Long term vision

We should commend Indigo for being the only one among the airlines in India which is profitable, efficient and seems to be in for the long haul. Also Indian Airlines/Air India should be strengthened to appear as a backbone for flyers.

Airlines should have a plan for the next ten years and not depend only on government largesse. Oft repeated complaints of high fuel cost is like child crying – they all knew that fuel costs in India will be high before they even attempted to start an airline. Most of the industrialists depended on their relation with ministers or officers to get a rosy deal and save themselves from doomsday.

Airlines should sit with the government and aviation ministry officials and sort out their routes and aircraft deployment over a period of 5-10years and seeing their cash flows should start an airline. Mostly an airline starts with 2-3planes – then does not want to fly on less profitable routes and the wrangling starts leaving behind a clutch of unhappy customers, staff and ancilliary business. We all have to understand that service industry does not give profits overnight and only players who are in for the long haul can succeed.

We hope that Aviation Ministry alongwith management of these airlines sits down and takes a rational approach to the whole industry before we have more closures leading to deaths and unhappiness.

We in Lok Satta Party hope and pray that further deaths are averted and the airline industry becomes a common mans transport and ridership increases multifold in a country of 125crores.