Lok Satta

Thursday, 04 October 2012 09:43


Press Note

(Oct.4, 2012)

As everyone knows, politics is rotten and the only way to solve this problem is to involve more and more good people in politics and not avoiding. Loksatta Party is showing the way forward in this direction and we will show that Karnataka leads the country in this direction.

With the given fluid political situation, especially in the state unit of BJP elections to the Karnataka Assembly are scheduled to take place anytime within May, 2013. However, all the three major political parties in Karnataka have a serious deficit with respect to ethical politics and are deeply mired in corruption, nepotism, and misrule. It is now time for ethical politics and increase people participation rather than giving power to few short-sighted, corrupt, dishonest, and unworthy people to decide the fate of the state. Today, our Party announces two eminent personalities as the first list of candidates, Dr. Meenakshi Bharath and Smt. Shanthala Damle who are very passionate about our democracy and have a track record of working with people in problem solving and have taken part in the movements that are shaping our society toward a better one. In this regard, Loksatta Party - Karnataka is going to contest (for the first time in the assembly election in the State) and provide an alternative to the other conventional political forces of the state.

Dr. Meenakshi Bharath, a practicing doctor, a well-known figure in solid-waste management movement, an activist of her own stature here in Bangalore, will be the party's official candidate for the Malleshwaram Assembly Constituency. Declaring her candidature Dr. Meenakshi Bharath said “the need of the hour is to Clean the City and Clean Politics”

Shanthala Damle, a software professional, who has worked in the IT field here and in the US, will be the party's official candidate for Basavanagudi constituency. Shanthala has worked as the State Secretary of the Party, has taken part in various electoral processes in the last 2 years in the country, and was also actively involved in India Against Corruption movement here in Bengaluru. Speaking to the media on declaring her candidature from the Basavanagudi Assembly constituency, she said “ Loksatta Party does not believe in buying votes. Buying voters has already been started by other parties by distributing sarees in the name of Vrata and Pooje. We do not ask for votes in the name of religion or caste.”

Loksatta Party in the state is also in the process of identifying and finalizing the candidates for many other seats in and around Bengaluru and other parts of the State. The State leadership will be touring various parts of the State in the coming days to identify the candidates. The Party hereby requests the citizens of the state to join the party and help in its efforts to strengthen our democracy. The Party believes that only through public participation we can rid the system from corruption, nepotism, dynasty rule, and put a stop to undeserving people representing them. Loksatta believes in leaders that emerge from grassroots rather than ticket 'sold' by HIGH COMMAND. Our candidates are in politics only for public service not for private gain.

Loksatta Party believes in participatory democracy and respects law of the land. In this regard, the party candidates are going to involve with people and raise the money from the public towards their election expenses. And, the party candidates' election expenses are going to be within the election commission's stipulated limit. We promise that Loksatta candidates will NOT buy votes by cash/liquor or false promises. They will not divide voters by caste/religion/region. Can ANY party contest the elections without buying votes?

Loksatta Party is committed to transparency in the electoral expenses. As most of you know, Loksatta had fielded Dr. Ashwin Mahesh as a candidate for the Bangalore’s Graduate constituency. Dr. Ashwin had secured 16 % of the votes. For this election, we have submitted our election expenses to the election authorities and made it public including the donations, even though it is not mandatory for MLC elections. We believe that it should be applicable to all the elections and more than anyone it is the public who needs to be kept aware of these facts. There were numerous reports in the media about the late-night parties that the candidates of different political parties were throwing to the voters and also the distribution of money and gifts.

Loksatta Party once again appeals to eminent citizens and people who have concern for the society to join the party and build a strong nation.

Deepak C N Secretary