Lok Satta

Wednesday, 03 October 2012 06:33



Delhi the capital of India is reeling under mismanagement in electricity and water for which the citizens have to bear. We will take up issues one by one:


Ever since privatisation and introduction of private Discoms to distribute power in Delhi we have been hit by regular clamour for increasing rates as discoms are suffering huge losses. All citizens know the connection between the politicians and the two discoms.

Before privatisation, Delhi government was supplying electricity at Rs.3 per unit and after privatisation prices have jumped to Rs.6/unit approx. This is also not enough as per discoms who are hankering for more. BSES Yamuna is buying power at Rs.6/unit from Jindal Power for Delhi. Can anyone explain the reason why???? Delhi government was partner in NTPC Power Badarpur having a capacity of 650MW and also was to get 80% share from Dadri Power but the same was diverted to other states and Delhi has to buy power from private sources. We fail to understand that why does not Reliance BSES buy from the power exchange where power is available at around Rs.4/unit rather than paying Rs.6 – presumably this is done under orders from the Congress government who has a soft corner for Jindal group who is raking in huge moolah while we citizens have to shell out huge sums. Also if the power mentioned was given to delhi Discoms could very well afford to sell at Rs.3/unit saving huge amounts for citizens.

Further MCD areas have to subsidise for the NDMC area where VIP’s are residing by 30% approx. Why - can anyone give us the reason????

Why cannot we nationalise the Electricity Distribution as privatisation has not yielded the benefits. Our DESU employees are the same who are working in the private Discoms – where is the inefficiency??? More with the politicians rather than the employees.


Every day Delhiites are yearning for clean water and it is a shame that even after so many years we citizens have to cry for water which is a fundamental right of every citizen.  For every ill plaguing the state government has one solution – PRIVATISATION!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST A REASON TO PASS THE BLAME FROM GOVERNING TO PRIVATE COMPANIES AND ALSO A MAJOR SOURCE OF CORRUPTION. Government has increased water prices by double and still yearns for more. WHERE IS WATER?????

Major reason for shortage of water is:

-    All water bodies in Delhi are non-functional
-    Yamuna is a hot bed of sewage and muck whereas should have been a source of water
-    All canals viz near Patpargunj etc are sewage outlets hence water cannot be stored
-    sewage plant does not function practically though on paper it is functional
-    Rain water harvesting is not done
-    Wastage of water at DJB centres leading to private tankers having a field day


-    Water bodies to be revived
-    Sewage flow from colonies to be diverted from the water bodies, canals and Yamuna to the sewage treatment plant which should function round the clock
-    Rain water harvesting should be made compulsory for all construction
-    Stop wastage of water and regulate Delhi Jal Board to make it efficient

Fight will continue with the ruling government on both fronts and we are proposing to take out a rally on 3rd November highlighting both issues.