Lok Satta

Thursday, 27 September 2012 05:56



Delhi government is planning to privatise Delhi Jal Board(DJB) with an intention to provide good quality water to Delhi citizens. With their privatisation of electricity if it is any indication then delhiites can be ready for the worst nightmare of their times. Delhi government has found a very nice way of getting out from providing basic civic amenities properly with a simple solution "PRIVATISATION" - a solution to all ills plaguing the society. This is just passing the buck.

With privatisation of DJB there is no guarantee of water leave alone good water plus higher tariffs for providing sewage laced and mucky water. Further with 1300plus colonies being regularised Delhi's infrastructure will be highly stressed out which it already is leaving very limited civic amenities for the citizens. Problems galore in areas of sanitation, garbage, water and now with more unauthorised colonies being regularised Delhi Government is sure to compound the problems of citizens.

Can we explore the possibility of nationalising Delhi Electricity Supply and restore sanity rather than rushing for legal solutions with every problem.

We have to plan hard and urgently to restore water and remove the problems faced by Delhi by taking the following steps:

a) Restore the water bodies

b) Stop the sewage from flowing into Yamuna

c) Divert all drains


Similarly for electricity we have to fight with the Central Government to restore power from the the two power plants meant and financed by State government so that costs can be reduced rather than buying from Jindal Power at Rs.6/unit.