Lok Satta

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 10:06



LSP Delhi will have their monthly meeting on 30th September at 1st Floor, C-69, Preet Vihar, Delhi 110092 for discussing varied issues of both state and national interest.

All members have been invited to convey their suggestions/comments on the issues to be raised at the meeting.

Important issues to be tabled at the meeting are:

  1. Update members on the following:
  • Meeting with Save Democracy Front(SDF) towards creating a coalition of like minded parties for the Delhi Assembly Elections
  • Matters discussed at National Summit in Hyderabad
  • Social Activities to be taken up viz. Eye cum Health camps, Garbage Clearing from societies
  • Organisation of Delhi State
  • Promotion of "SURAJYA"by holding round tables, meetings
  • Intercation with college students

2. Look at ways to increase the membership base

3. Work out a action plan for Water problems in Delhi

4. Participation in Gram Swarajya rally and meeting on 1st OCtober 2012