Lok Satta

Thursday, 02 August 2012 13:09

Dr. JP Welcomes Team Anna Calling Off Fast


Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan expressed his relief over Anna Hazare and his team calling off the fast at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and at other places tomorrow.

Commenting on the announcement from India against Corruption, Dr. JP said in a media statement, “Annaji clearly awakened the conscience and purposefulness of a whole nation, and for this we must all be forever grateful to him. While I have no doubt that Team Anna is capable of resolute fast for many more days, it would have been futile, because Parliament did not appear to share Anna's urgency to pass a strong anti-corruption law.”

Dr JP said he felt satisfied that the Lok Satta, on its part, had supported the enactment of a Lokpal Bill from the very beginning, and made strong efforts to convince Parliament of its importance. He was also happy that thousands of Lok Satta party members participated in the two-year campaign by India against Corruption.

“It will surely have been a great learning experience for so many to understand how this country is really run, and how it needs to be run very differently – by a brand new politics committed to public good”.

Dr JP noted Team Anna's apparent plans to plunge into electoral politics. He said, “Lok Satta welcomes this whole-heartedly. The battle for political change in this country has been a long and lonely one, and while the Lok Satta has traveled some distance on this journey, many more miles remain to be covered. Anna can galvanize the participation of concerned and informed citizens in public life, and give progressive politics a powerful new momentum”.

He concluded by adding that Lok Satta will be happy to place at Anna's disposal the entirety of its learning and efforts as a political party. “We have all traveled this road, in our different and separate ways, for many years now. We can powerfully combine our efforts to build a great India.”